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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

I’m not really much of a sports kind of gal. I’m a nerd at heart, and that goes for my entire family. We go to orchestra practice not soccer practice. But I do know this much. If you don’t keep your eye on the ball, you aren’t going to win.

The pro-life community seems to spend an appalling amount of time not ending abortion. We set up classes on sidewalk counseling, focus on parental notification, waiting periods, informed consent, embryos outside the womb, or ultrasound availability. Then we can’t figure out why it is taking us 35+ years to end abortion.

Glenn Richardson made a telling statement at the Cobb GOP luncheon a couple weeks ago. He said, “We’ve given the pro-life community the Ultrasound bill and the Woman’s Right to Know bill. What more do they want?”

When I was in DC last month, I was complaining that President Bush has not really done much to END abortion and gives more money to Planned Parenthood in the budget than any President previous. A well established leader looked at me incredulously and said, “Jenny, he’s done everything we’ve asked for.” My face turned to disgust and I said, “Then we aren’t asking for enough.”

We must end abortion now. Today. Immediately. That is the ball, that is the whole point of the fundraising, the networking, the organization building, and the conferences. But it is the one thing many organizations seem to have trouble discussing or participating in. When I go into pro-life meetings or conferences I always say, ” I want to end abortion this year. That is my goal.” Many people look at me like I have a third eye.

I urge all of you, keep your eye on the ball. We must end abortion this year. It is unacceptable that 40,000 children are being slaughtered in Atlanta this year. Public pressure, community indignation, elections coming up this summer are all powerful tools to stop the violence against our people. You can bring the blood shed to an end. Get your family, neighbors and church involved. Let’s finally have victory that’s By the people, Of the people, For the people, and For the babies!

Posted by Jenny Hodges on 02/28 at 01:45 PM
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