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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lack of “Tea Party”, conservative and Christian Leadership

The two top Tea Party groups, Freedom Works and Tea Party Patriots, stand for everything our founding fathers stood for, except for one thing, LIFE. They, as well as Glenn Beck & other "freedom loving" patriotic leaders pretend to care about the life issue, even quoting the Declaration of Independence occasionally. The problem is, none of these "leaders" have abortion as a primary topic.

The Tea Party Patriots have these as their core "values":

* Fiscal Responsibility
* Constitutionally Limited Government
* Free Markets

At Freedom Works, they list dozens of issues, none of which include the fight to end abortion.

Conservative and Tea Party media and leadership are avoiding the most important issue in all of mankind. Imagine this, take all of the world's population in the 1500s and wipe them away. There were approximately 500,000,000 people on the world at that time. In the last 35 years, approximately 500,000,000 humans have been killed by their mothers around the world.

The Justinian plague, A.D. 540-90, took 100 million lives and the Black Death, A.D. 1348-80, killed 150 million in Europe. Those two major calamities combined only killed half the population of God's children who were killed in just the last 35 years.

Conservative leadership everywhere is absent. There is no determined effort by any political party to end abortion, and the "conservative" media uses the topic as a money-maker. Our churches aren't doing much better either.

It's time to demand an end to abortion. It's time to demand our leaders do more to speak out against abortion. Go to Freedom Works and Tea Party Patriots and let them know they should add abortion as a key issue. Finally, go to CherishLife.us and watch our video called Pastor's Letter. Then contact us to send you a free DVD which you can give to your pastor.

Let's end abortion. Let's all be SANE (Stop Abortion Now Everywhere)

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand ~ Divided they die

Pass it on

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity


Posted by Turnstile on 09/13 at 11:03 AM
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