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Monday, March 27, 2006

Maryland - Contact Your Representatives Now

From John Naughton:


The embryonic stem cell bill passed by the Maryland Senate demeans women and mandates aborting clones.

The House of Delegates will consider SB 144 this week. There is still time to contact your delegates with your views.

Go to: http://mlis.state.md.us/   to CONTACT your delegates.

The email below can be used for ideas for your email to your delegates.

Don’t delay, the vote may be as early as March 28.  Perhaps others in your family or friends would be interested in contacting their delegates.



March 25, 2006

SB 144 Prostitutes Women, Provides for Human Cloning and Mandates Abortion of Clones. #38

Dear Del. Bozman:

Here are several reasons to vote against SB 144:

(Comments in quotes below are from Richard M. Doerflinger’s analysis of SB 144. Mr. Doerflinger is Deputy Director of Pro-Life Activities, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and is a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland.)

1. SB 144 will prostitute women and risk their health and even their lives for their oocytes.

“The bill’s confusing and incoherent rules on donating ‘unused material’ from fertility treatments has the effect of allowing and even encouraging the harmful exploitation of women to produce eggs for such cloning research. “Under SB 144, women treated in an infertility clinic may NOT be
solicited for their oocytes as ‘unused material,’ so women’s eggs will be obtained for research cloning ONLY by specially soliciting them to receive superovulatory drugs and produce eggs solely for research purposes.

“Eggs obtained especially for research cannot presumably be called merely ‘unused material’—and since the eggs would be obtained by stem cell
researchers, not by a health practitioner treating the woman for infertility, they do not seem covered by the bill’s informed consent requirements, its ban on donating for “valuable consideration,” OR its ban on encouraging women to produce eggs solely for research purposes in 5-2B-12.

“These bans ONLY cover physicians treating women for infertility, NOT cloning researchers. This loophole creates a bizarre legal situation.  Women may NOT donate ‘unused’ eggs left over from infertility treatments, which could have been donated without any new harm to them, but MAY donate (and even sell) their eggs solely for cloning research—at great risk to themselves, including a significant risk of hospitalization or even death.”

2. SB 144 permits cloning and gestating the clone through the first two months of life and will prostitute women for use of their uteruses.

“An enormous loophole is created by the new definition of ‘human cloning,’ which actually ALLOWS the mass-production of human embryos by
cloning to harvest their stem cells. The definition does forbid ‘development beyond an embryo.’ But ‘embryo’ is not defined, so courts will have to use its usual medical meaning, which extends to the end of the EIGHTH WEEK of development. Here’s the standard definition as found on MedicineNet.com: ‘Embryo: The organism in the early stages of growth and differentiation from fertilization to, in humans, the beginning of the third month of pregnancy. After that point in time, it is termed a fetus.’


“Under SB 144, then, it seems ‘fetus farming’ and the consequent exploitation of women as surrogate uteruses for gestation of cloned fetuses until the eighth week for their more developed stem cells is allowed (and available for public funding).”

3. SB 144 is biased in favor ESCR despite the many treatments and cures being provided by adult and umbilical cord blood stem cells.

“The bias in favor of embryonic stem cell research is still evident in the bill, through its definition of a stem cell as a cell that divides ‘indefinitely.’ Adult stem cells generally do not divide indefinitely, and do not need to do so in order to provide promising treatments for dozens of serious illnesses; embryonic stem cells divide for a longer time (perhaps even ‘indefinitely’), but tend to accumulate potentially cancerous genetic abnormalities as they do so (a problem that SB 144’s definition does not allude to).”

4. SB 144 mandates the abortion of a two month old fetus. Reporters often write that opponents of ESCR say that killing embryos is tantamount to

SB 144 by mandating the killing of eight week old preborn confirms that opponents of SB 144 are correct, the Maryland ESCR bill mandates abortion.

In summary, SB 144 prostitutes and demeans women for their eggs and uteruses, provides for cloning and gestating of humans and mandates the
abortion of clones.

Please vote against SB 144.


John Naughton

Posted by Turnstile on 03/27 at 08:19 PM
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