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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Stanek column: “The slimy task of pro-abort men”


The April 29 issue of Newsweek featured a conversation among liberal feminists about the future of the abortion movement.

Surprising to me was a recurring lament about the shortage of outspoken pro-abort men. Hasn't the mantra for almost 40 years been, "My body, my choice"?

Only last week pro-abort FL Rep. Janet Long told fellow legislators to "stand down if you don't have ovaries" when voting on a bill requiring mothers seeking abortions to undergo ultrasounds.

The message has been loud and clear ("hear me roar") that if you don't have female reproductive organs, you have no say in abortion either personally or corporately....

I have no preconceived assumptions about pro-life men. I know exactly what kind of men they are. They are stand-up, not stand-down men. They respect women. They love children. They take responsibility. They are protective.

Unlike pro-abort men, pro-life men have no selfish stock in the pro-life movement. They don't exploit women as sex objects where consequences are dealt away with.

I love pro-life men. They bring valuable, unique God-given gifts to the table to help in the abortion battle.

Feminists have no trouble bragging about strengths women have that men don't, but they cannot admit men have strengths women don't. I have no problem there....

Pro-lifer Gerard Nadal commented on my blog:

... It's easier being a pro-life male. We get to be and act like men ought. And we get great women who aren't at war with their own nature, which means they aren't at war with the men who complement that nature and whose nature is complemented by women's....

Continue reading my column today, "The slimy task of pro-abort men," on WorldNetDaily.com.

Posted by Jill Stanek on 05/05 at 10:54 AM
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