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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Observations Of The World We Live In, August 2009

1. If Obama doesn’t care about the life of the unborn (and born baby), why should anyone think he would have a problem pulling the plug on grandma?

2. The backbone of the health care legislation is not health care, but control over people. What is abortion but total control over someone else’s life? Obama is the most pro-abortion president ever, so this bill is just an extension of that belief.

3. Obama’s town hall meetings are obviously staged events, and the press keeps emphasizing how well-behaved everyone is. First, the organizers are very selective on who gets to speak. Secondly, whatever one thinks about Obama, the office of the president usually gets more respect than a congressman who is directly supposed to represent a specific area.

4. Obama and the liberals are still banking on the gullibility of many Americans to believe anything they say about the health care bill even though what they say is usually contradicted in the bill.

5. Where are all the anti-war protesters? Is Code Pink disrupting meetings and camping out in front of Obama’s residence?

6. Ask anyone this question and watch the look on their face: In 36 states it is illegal to kill this group of people, but in all 50 states it is legal. What group of people is it? Watch the following video for the answer:

7. Obama is still campaigning, where one attempts to criticize your opponent. But the president represents all Americans. We may not agree with what he’s doing, but he shouldn’t demonize at least half of the population. It’s the liberal response to anybody taking an opposing view. Do not debate them on the merits of the issue but simply destroy them for having the audacity to disagree with you.

8. The liberals keep spewing the mantra that we need “health care for everyone.” But they want to have death care for the unborn. Where are the rights for the unborn?

9. As always, the more liberals react to what a conservative says, then it must have really hit home. Why did they react so strongly to Rush Limbaugh comparing the Obama socialist agenda to the Nazis or when Sarah Palin said that there would be “death panels” if the health care bill passed? Of course, they totally ignored the fact that Nancy Pelosi called town hall participants Nazis, which according to the liberals must be true.

10. Thomas McGinnis of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was charged with aggravated DWI when he collided with a car on August 6. He had a blood-alcohol level of .30. There’s one slight problem. He owns T.J. McGinnis School of Driving where my two children learned to drive. Ironically, he conducts the classes that emphasize the horrors of drinking and driving.

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Posted by Monte Harms on 08/18 at 12:43 AM
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