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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Proving My Point with Science and Reason

Today I would like to share a way of explaining the pro-life position to an atheist or agnostic.  I have been accused of being pro-life because of “religious convictions” and that when life begins is “unclear.”  (Well, I suppose if that question is above the President’s pay grade, how can anyone answer it??)

The debate over abortion can be reconciled by focusing on the key issue at hand: what is the unborn?  You [the atheist or agnostic] contend that the question of “when life begins” is unclear.  However, according to science, the answer is quite clear.  I encourage you to check out any embryology textbook from a medical library (I found one at the Johns Hopkins medical library) and you can see for yourself where it states that life begins at fertilization, also known as conception.  When the male sperm meets the female ovum, they are no longer two separate entities: it is a complete human being, and everything needed to grow and develop is present.  What is termed scientifically as an “embryo” is nothing short of a human being.  It is biologically impossible for it to be anything else!  I am the same human being that I was when I was an embryo, a “fetus” (which, by the way, is Latin for “offspring”...in this case, a human offspring), a born infant, a toddler, a pre-teen, a teenager, etc.  I can never be anyone or anything else but me, a human!  Science is clearly on the pro-life side.

Secondly, I think we can both agree that killing innocent human beings is wrong.  This is the Natural Law, which means that each human being knows it inherently.

Finally, what does abortion do?  Some people may refer to abortion as “ending a pregnancy.”  The Planned Parenthood website, under their descriptions of the different abortion procedures, describes it as “emptying your uterus.”  Emptying the uterus of what?  It has to be the embryo or fetus that has been developing since fertilization.  What happens to the embryo or fetus that is being emptied? The development is stopped, which means the life is stopped intentionally…in frank terms, baby killing.

So, if the unborn in the uterus of a woman is a human, and killing is wrong, and abortion is killing….then wouldn’t that make abortion wrong?  Yes, the circumstances (fetal defects, the mother doesn’t want or can’t afford a baby, etc.) are hard, but that does NOT change the human-ness of the unborn baby.  It does not change the fact that abortion takes the life of an innocent human life.  It can be rightly stated that babies are discriminated against because of their place of residence: the womb.  They are protected if they are outside the womb, but we need to protect them in both places.

Many thanks to Scott Klusendorf’s tactic, which is where I learned this way of proving the pro-life position!  Please visit his website at www.prolifetraining.com

Posted by Malori Fuchs on 03/18 at 02:47 PM
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