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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Help for Moms in Crisis Pregnancy - Thinking Outside the Box

A major component of Pro Life Unity is bringing together members of our communities who desire to help Moms in crisis pregnancy, thus creating a large network of support for these Moms. If we think outside the box, we can begin to see endless opportunities for people of all walks of life and professions to join in this critical effort. I was very excited to hear recently about one such lady who passionately desires to use her gifts and profession to help Moms in crisis pregnancy. I asked her to share her story in her own words:

“My name is Jackie Taylor. For the past two years I have been working in the Real Estate industry.. I live in Woodstock, GA and have a two year old daughter named Jordan. In fact, Jordan is the reason I chose this career field. It enables me to spend a lot more time at home with her. My daughter is the reason behind most of my decision making these days as she is the most important part of my life!

A little over three years ago, I lost my closest friend, Erin Wanha. We were so close that when I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I knew immediately that her middle name would be Erin.
Erin had such a love for children and wanted them so badly in her own future.  I know that any pro-life organization would be close to her heart. It is for that reason that I feel a certain pride in saying that I wish to be part! I want to help! I have been very blessed in my life and I think it only fair that I return the favor.

What I am offering to do is, for every client I am able to help sell or buy their home, I will donate 10% of my commission to the charity or church of their choice! My objective is simple, helping others!  Whether you are looking for your first home, a rental home, land, or you want to sell your home and find something new, give me a call and lets discuss your needs—and then we’ll discuss what good cause is closest to your heart! 

Also, I will help find housing for expectant mothers who need it. I was once in an awful situation, similar to what these young mothers are going through, and I like to think that things would have been different if help were provided. I would be able to find rental properties, lease purchase properties and even cheap starter homes. I also have several mortgage people that I work with that could help these mothers reestablish or build their credit. Understand that most rental properties do require some sort of down payment, so mothers starting with nothing may need more assistance than what I can provide. If you come across someone looking for housing, give me a call and chances are I can help.”

Jackie can be reached at: 404-934-4088

Crisis Pregnancy Centers and charitable groups like St.. Vincent de Paul can provide the down payment on a rental, but expertise and assistance provided by professionals like Jackie is of the utmost value in expanding our ability to offer long-term help to the Moms.

Posted by Margarita on 03/05 at 10:43 PM
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