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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome to the PLATForum

This is Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity and Founder of the Monthly Call for Life and ProLifeNews.tv.  Allow me to preface the PLATForum message with my own.  I know not all organizations get along, and that many refuse to work with each other.  There are a lot of differences of opinion, and in my opinion, it is distracting to the Pro-Life cause.  That’s why I created Pro-Life Unity, so that we may have a place where we can set aside our differences to achieve common goals.  I don’t claim to have all the answers, all I ask is that we work together wherever possible.  I’m sure that’s what Christ would want us to do.

PLATForum (Pro-Life Legislative and Action Team Forum was created to help Pro-Life organizations and individuals communicate effectively with congress and with one message, 100% Pro-Life, no exceptions, no compromise.

This is an historic moment in time, one which brings pro-life leaders together so that we may help our representatives recognize where the pro-life community stands on existing legislation and what needs to be addressed by additional legislation with regards to, but not limited to:

Embrynoic Stem Cell Research
Genetic Selection
Sex Selection
In Vitro Fertilization
Birth control
Forced DNA Extraction
Comprehensive Sex Education
Government Funding of Planned Parenthood

How will pro-life organizations and individuals benefit and participate in the PLATForum?

By participating in PLATForum, your organization will have opportunities to:

·      Collaborate on statements and press releases with other members of PLATForum.
·      Collaborate with other members of PLATForum in congressional education efforts so that more government officials can be reached in smaller amounts of time – we are more effective       united than divided!
·      Participate in a forum that allows your organization to contribute how and when it is able to different initiatives and projects.
·      Be able to hear and participate in meetings in which we will hear from distinguished leaders in the pro-life movement and discuss pending and possible legislation, collaborative projects, and       cross-organizational press conferences – all attendable by phone conference or physically in Washington D.C.

We recognize that 501c3 organizations aren’t able to get too involved with political issues or they will lose their 501c3 status, which allows them to be tax exempt.  So to add teeth to this effort, Pro-Life Unity, a regular corporation, not a 501c3, can say whatever we want, whenever we want.  We will make sure that all PLATForum issues are handled properly so that 501c3 corporations won’t have to worry about their status.

Many organizations have already joined the forum!

Some organizations that you may be familiar with:

Jack Ames - Defend Life
John Jackubczyk
Chris Slattery - EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers
Day Gardner - National Black Pro-Life Union
Peter Shinn and Jenny Hodges - Pro-Life Unity
Gail Richardson - Prayer Pivot
Judie Brown - American Life League
Jim Sedlak - Stop Planned Parenthood
Erik Whittington - Rock for Life
Troy Newman - Operation Rescue
Johanna E. Dasteel - American Life League

Click here for more information or to join the PLATForum

Posted by Turnstile on 10/11 at 04:26 PM
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