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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Rights?

What Rights?
Juda Myers 11.12.2010

The Lord commands his people to do good. ( Luke 6:35 ; Eph. 2:10 ) Too many church people do nothing and complain later that everything is going wrong. In Matt 21:19 Jesus cursed the fig tree for not producing what it should. He didn’t question if it had gotten enough water, fertilizer or sunlight. It was designed to bear fruit and it wasn’t, so he eliminated it as an example to us!

Our “rights” come from God alone whether well meaning non believers disagree or not. Where did man come up with the idea of right and wrong anyways? Did we “evolve” to know better and better what is right and wrong? I think not. In fact we have gotten worse with our growing “intelligence”. Deception forges through and convinces us that things are better even though reality screams it is not.

It was better when abortion was illegal. People are alive today because if abortion were legal their mothers would have killed them.
image  image  Laura Tedder and Rebecca Kiessling are just two that I personally know conceived in rape. The few people that were harmed don’t even begin to compare with the millions that have been killed. Women as well as their children are destroyed now under the pretense of “women’s well being”. That should not be a “right” for anyone.

I spoke with Amy Sobie, spokesperson for The Elliot Institute, today. She told me about their research project done in the 90’s concerning conception through assault. Dr. David Reardon, founder of The Elliot Institute , Amy Sobie and Julie Makama, conceived in rape, worked together on that research project. Focus on the Family helped by asking people to send in their stories of conception through assault. Out of 192 women who were pregnant from an assault, 164 were from rape outside the family and 28 were from incest. After the initial contact each woman they were given questions to answer. Among those questions was about whether they wished they had aborted their child. Ms. Sobie emphatically stated, “No single woman said ‘I wish I would have had an abortion,”  “Some said they regretted placing the child for adoption because they wanted to keep the child, others said they had a hard time but at no time did any say they should have aborted.” Conversely those who did abort their rape child, “ said it made matters worse; some said it was even worse than the rape.” From this research there came a book, Victims and Victors. People have a right to know how badly abortion hurts everyone.

The truth needs to be told that even in the case of rape women are better for giving birth. But so many have remained silent carrying the shame that isn’t theirs. There was shame in slavery too that shouldn’t have been put on those precious humans. That shame belonged to the slave master!

imageConsider William Wilberforce, we now know him from the movie Amazing Grace and instrumental in abolishing slave trade in England. On a trip to Europe Isaac Milner was taken aback by Wilberforce’s disparaging comment about evangelicals. Perhaps Wilberforce had been hurt too by church people. Milner, was taken aback and stated that he was an evangelical. He then shared his faith with Wilberforce, both of them intently studying the New Testament in Greek during that trip to Europe . Wilberforce’s relationship with God took root. He then struggled greatly between staying in politics and joining the clergy. Dr. Bob Beltz who studied Wilberforce extensively, said about him, “ He went to (John) Newton as his spiritual mentor and Newton told him, “God can use you in politics. You should stay there.” Then he wrote to his friend William Pitt, who was not a believer. There is a line of dialogue in the movie that was taken from a letter that Pitt wrote back to Wilberforce—“Surely the principles of Christianity lead to action as well as meditation.” So his best friend is also telling him to stay in politics.”

I recently spoke with a woman who has a disabled child. She was angrily told by her doctor that she should have had an abortion. The child is now 15 and the joy of her mother’s life. The mother told me many people resent her daughter getting governmental funding. She stated that she had worked and put her taxes into the system like anyone else.  Many people cannot see the value in this child’s life but those around her most definitely can.

Slavery once was an accepted thing as killing a disabled or rape conceived child is accepted today. It will take persistence and unity to break this deception. Slavery in America was successfully abolished. It is my hope that abortion will be also.  It is my hope that people understand that “rights” aren’t always right!

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Posted by Juda Myers on 11/11 at 09:04 PM
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