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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


    Gerry M. Kaye
    April 29, 3:00 P. M.; PT


    People get offended in different ways. Some, in a personal way, because of remarks deemed unflattering and critical, offensive to the vanity, to the ego; possibly creating a fear; or anger, that said remarks might cause one’s humiliation, or hinder their realization of their goals; and this for some, might lead to counter - offensiveness, offense. There’s the deeper offensiveness of social injustice, where people experience outrage for cowardly infliction or oppression, not just for their own sakes, but also for the suffering innocent, vulnerable and defenseless.
    Wars are started through social injustices. Revolutions, radical and criminal behavior in the breakdown of social order are begun through social injustices.
    I, and a great many others in this nation find it extremely offensive that millions of innocent babies have been, and are being denied life through barbaric, legalized abortion, in a clear violation of their Constitutional right to life. ...  Article: http://www.gerrymkaye.org/offensive.html

Posted by Gerry Kaye on 04/30 at 01:31 AM
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