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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Where’s our Life and Liberty now?

Some people probably are alarmed that I would have a problem with laws that protect animals. Certainly I would agree that we have a duty before God to properly care for all our property, our animals included.  We must analyze the duty and role of civil government. Certainly it is not the duty of civil government to right all the wrongs in our society or to legislate morality into our populace. If we decide that it is the proper role of government to dictate to us how we care for our animals, are we ok with government officials making regular visits into our home to see how well we are doing? Perhaps when you “adopt” an animal, you should have to obtain a license that establishes the right the government has given you to care for an animal.

The civil government is not the moral police of the people. It is not the duty of civil government to be sympathetic or compassionate. Law must bring justice. Justice is the protection of our life and liberty and the punishment of those who infringe upon the life and liberty of ourselves. Once the law as written by the civil government shows compassion to one subject, it automatically creates antipathy for the other subject, and thus ruins any possibility for justice.

Concerning dog fighting: The man who owns the property of the dog is criminalized for having used his property in a way the civil government does not deem fit and proper. The owner is then convicted of wrongful use of private property, and sent to prison for, say, 5 years. Now he cannot provide for his family, he has a felony on his record, and he is robbed of 5 years of his life. The civil law has sided with compassion for the dog and antipathy for the plight of the man.

What happens when the civil government decides proper use for other private property in your possession or usurps other responsibilities? You are on the slippery slope.

Let’s look at the education of children. First, county civil governments offered public education where families had an active role in establishing the school, and hiring the teacher. Participation by the community was completely voluntary. The family was responsible for the education of their children, and could participate in and make use of opportunities the local civil government made available.

Then districts and states began taking over the process of establishing the schools and teachers. As time marched forward, parents had a decreasing amount of authority and input into the educational process of their children. Today, the civil government is responsible for the education of all children. Some local civil governments may choose to allow parents the privilege of overseeing the education of their children, as long as the government remains well informed and assured that the parent is capable of having this privilege. If I fail to meet the requirements of the civil government in Georgia concerning the education of my children, DFACS will be brought in and my children will be removed from my custody.

When I first began reporting school days to the county, I forgot two months in a row. I received a phone call from the education department that the reports were to be provided to the government immediately, or a social worker would be sent to my home. This is a gross infringement on my personal liberty. The civil government has taken to itself authority only granted to the family government. What began as a good thing for public education has turned into an appalling crisis. Civil government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

Let us return to the original point. For our law makers to take time concerning themselves with the well being of our private property—in this case dogs—and establish punishments for the wrongful use (as they see it) of our private property, is a usurpation of our liberty. Furthermore, dog fighting is not a common problem in Georgia. However, if it were, it would be for the community and church to frown upon and urge the abolishment of the practice. But let’s look at the abortion issue.

Abortion in Atlanta is an epidemic. We are slaughtering 40,000 children every year. Abortionists can commit abortion on children up to almost 7 months gestation. For our law makers to even consider advancing the welfare of animals before dealing with the blood letting that is filling our city is a gross misuse of power and authority. The law is to be just and protect the life and liberty of each and every individual in our society. For the law makers to look the other way while the life and liberty of 500 children every week is abolished, is unacceptable.

Perhaps some would say the law must show sympathy to the mother in crisis. This automatically creates antipathy for the child. The community and church must show sympathy to the mother in crisis, and help her to achieve motherhood and provide for her needs and the needs of the child. The law, and thus the civil government, is to show justice to both mother and child, abolish the tyranny of pre-born murder, and encourage the co-operative efforts of the private sector in promoting adoption, and other services freely available.

I am attempting to pack a lot into a few words here. But I hope that you will see that life and liberty are eroded simultaneously. It is not possible to separate the two. Only the people can take back the life and liberty ripped from them by a tyrannical civil government. It is not the nature of civil government to be moderate and to be limited. It will always look to take more.

Posted by Jenny Hodges on 03/20 at 11:14 AM
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