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Friday, May 07, 2010

Why Be Involved?

I’ve been pro-life my entire life, but it’s only been in the past four years that I became active in expressing this belief.  It was even more recent, since the 2008 presidential elections, that my interest and involvement in politics began.  My main motivation for getting involved with politics was because of the pro-life movement.  Seeing the destructive path Barack Obama was on even before he became president really motivated me to become education on the political process and see where I could get involved.

Many people shy away from politics: they think it’s a dirty, ugly process out of which nothing good comes, and unfortunately, they’re right much of the time.  Many of the people involved in politics are in it for their own selfish, anti-life purposes.  They are advancing evil in our country and the world and are not being servant-leaders.  They take God completely out of the process, as we saw with a Wisconsin judge proclaiming the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Especially on this National Day of Prayer, we are called to witness to our faith publicly.  We can’t have our light under a bushel basket: it must be set on a hill for all to see, as Jesus commanded us.  This is why I decided to become active in politics.  It’s not because I want to be a senator, or amass wealth and friends, or become a celebrity figure.  I just want to help others and do the right thin, especially in the pro-life area.  Some people may deny it, but pro-life laws really do make a positive difference.  Laws themselves are not our end goal, of course, and we must keep our main purpose in the forefront of our mind, that is, ending abortion completely.  But we must also remember that, as in the Body of Christ, we all have unique parts to play, and herein lies one of the beauties of the pro-life movement: there is something for literally everyone.  We are all called to pray, and for some, praying and being peaceful witnesses in front of abortion centers might be all God is calling them to do.  Others are called to step it up a notch and be trained as sidewalk counselors.  Some people are called to be journalists and news reporters, to bring the objective truth to the world.  Yet others are called to work with the youth, to train the next generation of pro-life leaders.  And others, like myself, have felt called to be more involved in the political process than just voting the right way each November.  In my mind, politics and government decisions affect all of us, in almost every aspect of our lives, from environmental scare tactics, to abortion, to marriage laws, to homeland security.  Since it affects us, we might as well be educated and involved in some fashion!  At the very least, each citizen has the duty to vote in every election possible, especially when pro-life issues are at stake.  As Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Ending abortion depends on how we react to God’s challenge to do everything for His glory.  We can choose to pay lip service to the pro-life movement (in which case we would be as good as hypocrites), or we can choose to roll up our sleeves and get deep in the trenches.  To quote Father Frank Pavone when he referred to President Clinton a few years ago, “The problem is not that he is sitting in the White House, the problem is that we are sitting in our houses!”  We can say that about President Obama today.  Yes, it would be better if we had a completely pro-life president, and I pray that will happen in 2012.  But right now, we must deal with what we have.  Will we do nothing?  No, for the babies’ sake, let us never stop fighting.

Posted by Malori Fuchs on 05/07 at 01:55 AM
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