Pro-Life Unity

§ Life Principles

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all human beings are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which is the right to life; and therefore:

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected from that human being’s biological beginning when the father’s sperm fertilizes the mother’s ovum, and

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected from the biological beginning throughout the natural continuum of that human being’s life by all available ordinary means and reasonable efforts, and

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected at each stage of the life continuum to the same extent as at each and every other stage regardless of state of health or condition of dependency, and

- The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected to the same extent as the life of each and every other human being regardless of state of health or condition of dependency, and

- When there is any doubt that there exists a human being’s life to preserve and protect, such doubt shall be resolved in favor of the existence of a human being, and

- When two or more human beings are in a situation in which their lives are mutually endangered, all available ordinary means and reasonable efforts shall be used to preserve and protect the life of each and every human being so endangered:

Wherefore, Pursuant to these Principles, we recommend and urge the adoption of a Mandatory Human Life Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

March For Life Education and Defense Fund -

Jake Dagel - International Youth Director for Pro-Life Unity and co-founder of Teen Defenders

Jake Dagel is the International Youth Director for Pro-Life Unity and a proud co-founder of Teen Defenders, a project of Pro-Life Unity and a teen youth outreach program for teenagers ages 13-19 to get involved in the Pro-Life movement. He also recently served as an intern with Iowa Right to Life in the summer of 2010. Jake is assisting in uniting Pro-Life groups and individuals by efforts through his activism, politics, and most importantly God!

Jake is currently a senior at Spalding Catholic High School for the 2010-2011 year. Jake formally served as his Junior Class President, is a member of the Christian Leadership Team, and also a proud Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

This young man, at only 18 years old has starred abortion in the eyes many time through the mercy of side walk counseling and talking to many abortion minded women. Jake has been involved with the pro-life movement for many years and has always been a leader when it comes to taking action. “Jake is one the finest young American’s I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with. Jake, you keep up the good work. You have my respect.” -Dan Elder

Jake has participated in 40 Days for Life, Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity, National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day and the Face the Truth Tour.

By participating in Face the Truth Tours, Jake protested the evil of abortion by holding graphic signs displaying the graphic signs of abortion in Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. where he traveled for five days with a total of fifteen cities and a protest in front of Vice-President Joe Biden’s current residence.

Currently Jake is partnering with Pro-Life Unity to establish a new project and organization, Teen Defenders. With connections in Africa, Canda, Switzerland, and Spain Teen Defenders is moving forward head-strong. Teen Defenders promises to be the new face of the young people in the pro-life movement.

Jake is also constantly lobbying at the Iowa State Capital making sure that abortion is ended in Iowa.

Finally Jake is in the beginning process of establishing himself as a motivational speaker on the reality of abortion. With his captivating presentation that is sure to grab the audience’s attention, educate, and captivate the minds of many, Jake covers issues such as the truth when it comes to the term of “choice,” Planned Parenthood’s many marketing schemes, and displays the graphic reality of abortion with in the presentation.

“Jake did a great job, was informative, and gave a powerful personal witness! It was wonderful for people to see a high school student so strong in his faith and so boldly pro-life.” -St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Wayne, NE

Jake has been endorsed by organizations such as Triad Students for Life out of North Carolina and Arizona Teens for Life. If you would like more information or contact Jake Dagel please send an email to

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