§ Life Principles

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all human beings are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which is the right to life; and therefore:

> The right to life of each human being shall be preserved and protected by every human being in the society and by the society as a whole, and

> The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected from that human being’s biological beginning when the father’s sperm fertilizes the mother’s ovum, and

> The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected from the biological beginning throughout the natural continuum of that human being’s life by all available ordinary means and reasonable efforts, and

> The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected at each stage of the life continuum to the same extent as at each and every other stage regardless of state of health or condition of dependency, and

> The life of each human being shall be preserved and protected to the same extent as the life of each and every other human being regardless of state of health or condition of dependency, and

> When there is any doubt that there exists a human being’s life to preserve and protect, such doubt shall be resolved in favor of the existence of a human being, and

> When two or more human beings are in a situation in which their lives are mutually endangered, all available ordinary means and reasonable efforts shall be used to preserve and protect the life of each and every human being so endangered:

Wherefore, Pursuant to these Principles, we recommend and urge the adoption of a Mandatory Human Life Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

March For Life Education and Defense Fund - MarchForLife.org

What are we about? What can/is Pro-Life Unity doing? Click the video below to play the Pro-Life Unity Promo or click here to view the larger version on Eyeblast.tv.

Our Mission

First of all, let’s remember what this is all for. Over 50 million human beings have been killed by abortion in the United States since 1973. Almost 4,000 a day join them. Do you believe the following?

> I am involved, or want to be involved, in the Pro-Life movement and want to help save the unborn and defend the defenseless, no exceptions, no compromise

> I am willing to contribute to the effort

> If there is a local picket or Call for Life, I will try to participate and let others know about it

> If I can donate I will help out as much as I can

> We must unite and help each other help the unborn

If you agree with all or most of those items, then you are among the millions of us who know that we must do all we can to end abortion and challenge the culture of death. If we put our voices, emails and hands together, we will be louder and stronger with our Pro-Life Unity. We are all pieces of God's puzzle, and when we come together, we complete His picture.

What is Pro-Life Unity? Pro-Life Unity is:

- People coming together to defend the defenseless

- Many projects, all working together to accomplish common goals

- A “United Call to Action” site which gives all Pro-Life people and organizations the ability to get their Action Calls out to every other member of ProLifeUnity.com, and anyone else who is interested in helping save the unborn through direct action. Through our united Pro-Life blogging, organizational and individual efforts we can help Pro-Life Calls to Action achieve greater results.

- A call to the church, leadership and congregation, to rise up and be good Samaratans

- A place for anyone to be a part of the movement. You can be involved in leadership or be a part of a team. It's up to you to decide how much you can help.

What do I do now?

First of all, fill out the volunteer form at the top-right of the site. This will help us know how we can help you get involved. Next, be prepared to speak the pro-life language everywhere you go. You won't have to dominate conversations or be overpowering, you will see, the opportunities to defend the defenseless will present themselves from the moment you get involved.

Do you have skills? If you can write, do outreach, manage, do graphics, photography or video, you have skills that can benefit the movement. As a matter of fact, almost everyone has a skill that can be beneficial, so don't cut yourself short! Make sure you let us know what skills you have when you fill out the form. We have efforts that are as simple as holding a sign or making phone calls.

- For website owners -

- Click the contact link at the top & tell us that you own a website that you would like the Action Code on. You will receive an email with information and a single line of code that you put in your site that will automatically post the most recent Call for Action item on your site or blog. If we all put our United Calls for Life section in the same place, preferably in the upper-right or upper-left corner, everyone will automatically look there to see what the latest Action Call is.

- Only three recent Action Calls will be be listed at a time so you don't have to worry about your site becoming overwhelmed.

- When visitors come to the site and see the Call for Action they will know that they should do something to help the unborn by participating in a Pro-Life organization Action Call or effort.

- On the left side of the Pro-Life Unity site you can see how it works. We have the National and State Pro-Life Action Calls so that you can find local and national action items.

***You must agree with theLife Principles - These principles which were established by Nellie Gray and other Pro-Life leaders in 1973 and are a good start for what we should believe in.***

Other Primary Issues

a) Volunteer freedom - Let our people go wherever they want. We should support each other in our rallies and encourage our members to do the same.

b) Promote each other - Our numbers are few enough. It's helpful when there are dozens or hundreds of people at an event / protest / picket.

c) Do no harm - On minor issues, don't attack the other groups. Examples of basic discourse which I disagree with are the disagreements between Catholics and Protestants, Methodists and Mormons, show the signs or don't show the signs, go after local legislation or not, incremental legislation or not...and so on. We believe if we attack each other on basic issues we waste our time, our emotions and our money, and finally, it is a distraction from our main goal, saving human lives. Yes, there are many issues with this one, so it goes.

The Life Principles are non-negotiable. Members must agree that life is paramount, from conception to natural death.

- For All Pro-Life People -

Encourage everyone to post the Action Code on their websites. Watch the website for Pro-Life Action Calls (on the left side of Pro-Life Unity, and participate in them whenever possible.

One simple project that comes up every month on the first Friday, the Monthly Call for Life at MonthlyCallForLife.com. All you have to do is call and/or Email your representatives and ecourage them to end abortion and oppose human-killing research. That's it!

Go to MonthlyCallForLife.com for everything you need to know, like who to call, when to call and what you might want to say.

How many people see the Pro-Life Action Calls every day? Tens of thousands! We want that number to reach 50,000 by the end of this year, so tell everyone you know about ProLifeUnity.com.

Volunteer and become a part of Pro-Life unity. Click on the volunteer link in the upper-right and sign up today to help spread the call for LIFE!