2009 ProLife Sig-Ad Petition & Ambulance at Tiller’s Today


If you have not already done so, click here to sign the 2009 ProLife Signature-Ad Petition, in opposition to FOCA, please do not wait any longer to do so.

Here is why!


Please consider an extra donation to help us with our continuous project at the gate of the worst abortion facility in America, the Tiller Late-term Abortion facility in Wichita, Kansas.

Today we logged our 9th Ambulance-Call from Tiller’s gate.

We know that today’s situation is a serious matter, because Tiller has stopped calling an ambulance for “lessor emergencies” due to the bad publicity he gets from our reports.  For example, our report of an ambulance call in January of 2005, led Operation Rescue to uncover the death of Christine Gilbert, 19, who was killed by a “safe, legal,” abortion.  That 911 call still attracts many hits on our website, (see the Audio Tab at http://www.kcfl.net).

To see a report on today’s events at Tiller’s gate, go to: http://www.kcfl.net/kcfl/index.php?page=6&func=1&id=1236873609 and for some background, http://www.kcfl.net/kcfl/index.php?page=6&func=1&id=905268211 .

Today’s Ambulance Call was the 9th time since Mother’s Day 2004, that an ambulance carried an abortion client away from his facility.  Beginning in 2005, most of Tiller’s clients who need to go to the hospital, are transported there by private vehicles.

Mark S. Gietzen

PS:  If you call me (316) 522-8866, and I am not in, it rolls over to my business line, The Christian Singles Info-exchange.  Just leave your message there.  I return every call and answer every e-mail, but sometimes it takes awhile!

Do not forget: If you have not already signed the 2009 ProLife Signature-Ad Petition, in opposition to FOCA, please do not wait any longer to do so.  http://www.kcfl.net/kcfl/doc/sigad/sigad.php?year=2009

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