9/11, Lynching, The Tea Party, Libertarianism, The Holocaust, Abortion & “Let’s Roll”

From 1882-1968, 4,743 lynchings occurred in the United States. That number includes 1,297 white people who helped blacks. The Nazis killed over 6 millions Jews, one of whom was my grandfather who was dragged from his home into the streets and shot in public. On 9/11, almost 3,000 people were killed by Islamic terrorists. At the end of every day in America, an average of 4,000 people will have been killed in the most protected place in the world, in their mother's womb. Since 1973, over 52 million people have suffered this fate. Around the world, over 50 million humans are killed in the womb every year.

What is going on?

I don't mean why are we mourning the loss of those killed by racism. I'm not saying we shouldn't mourn the loss of people who were executed by the Nazis. I'm not saying it's inappropriate to mourn those who were killed by Islamic terrorists. I'm saying we must not only mourn those who are killed by abortion, we have to do all we can to end it.

This message goes out to churches, church leadership and everyone who believes abortion is wrong.

It's not good enough to say abortion is murder. It's not good enough to say we are pro-life. It's not good enough to only support a crisis pregnancy center. Babies are being killed and women are being hurt in the process. We have to look at abortion in a different way.

Imagine a woman with a child standing in front of you. Now this woman suddenly turns and strangles her 2 year-old daughter. Let's call it a form of "late-term" abortion. What would you do? Would you stop her? Or would you say something like any of these statements?

- It's a woman's right to chose
- It's not my business
- There are too many people on this earth anyway
- The mother might suffer because of rape or incest
- God will sort it all out in the end
- I believe abortion is wrong, but who am I to judge what a woman does?
- How can I impose my morality on someone else
- Having more unwanted children results in more child abuse
- Restricting abortion would be unfair to the poor and minorities, who need it most
- Even if abortion were made illegal, there would still be many abortions
- What about a woman whose unborn baby is diagnosed as deformed or handicapped?
- Anti-abortion fanatics break the law, are violent, and bomb abortion clinics

(Some info from Randy Alcorn)

Obviously to have any of those answers to a murder that is happening right in front of you is absurd. It is equally absurd to accept any of those arguments when a person is still in the womb.

Abortion is everybody's issue. It's not just something for "pro-life" people to deal with. Everybody must be involved and nobody is guiltless if they aren't. If the conservative media doesn't rise up to help end abortion, they are pro-abortion. If your mother doesn't do something to end abortion, she is pro-abortion. If your pastor doesn't do something to end abortion, he is pro-abortion. If your church does nothing to end abortion, they are pro-abortion. If your tea-party leadership doesn't defend the defenseless & speaks only of taxes & "liberty", they are pro-abortion. If your political party, like Libertarians, don't have an official policy opposing abortion, they are pro-abortion.

It's not good enough to say it's murder and it's not good enough to just vote for so-called "pro-life" representatives. We must demand an end to abortion. We need to stop abortion now, everywhere (SANE).

When they came for the Jews, I did nothing, for I am not a Jew. When they came for the Socialists, I did nothing, for I am not a Socialist. When they came for the labor leaders, the homosexuals, the gypsies, I did nothing, for I am none of these, and when they came for me, I was alone, there was no one to stand up for me. -- Martin Niemoller, a Lutheran pastor from Nazi Germany

Humanity is currently at its worst in all of history. Innocent people in the womb around the world have no rights and are being executed, and, worst of all, decent people everywhere are silent.

The Jews were led to the slaughter in Germany with only a select few decent human beings coming to their aid. In front of his neighbors, my grandfather was executed in public, forcing my mother & grandmother to flee Nazi Germany in fear. For decades, western nations accepted slavery and civil rights abuses.

I'd like to point to one significant moment in all of the hijackings on 9/11. The people on flight 93 knew that something was up & they knew what their fate might be if they didn't do something to stop the hijackers. Instead of allowing themselves and others to be killed, they rose to the occasion and put a stop to it, which ultimately cost them their lives.

It's time for everyone who considers themselves pro-life to speak for the defenseless. It's time for us to do all we can to peacefully demand an end to abortion. In the words of Todd Beamer - "Are you guys ready? Let's roll!"

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity
United we stand ~ Divided they die

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