A Conversation About Abortion

A sample pro-life/pro-abortion discussion:

PL - What do you think of abortion?
PA - I am pro-choice.
PL - What are you choosing?
PA - The mother gets to choose whether or not to have an abortion.
PL - What is an abortion?
PA - You’re being ridiculous! It’s terminating the pregnancy.
PL - What are you terminating?
PA - You are trying to trick me. It’s a fetus, just a bunch of cells. You know, it’s not a baby, if that’s what you’re trying to get me to say.
PL - It has its own distinctive DNA separate from the mother and father. It’s just a human at a different level of development. Since you said that it’s not a baby, then can you tell me what it is?
PA - Whatever it is, the mother has a right to choose not have it in her.
PL - Should she be allowed to kill a two-year-old child?
PA - Of course, not. It’s already born.
PL - So it comes down to the fact that you think the unborn baby should be killed because it’s in a different location or because it’s not human at all.
PA - If it can live outside the womb, it should not be killed.
PL - You are saying that there is a human inside the mother. At what point is it not a human inside the mother.
PA - OK. Let’s say in the first three months.
PL - OK. We’re narrowing it down. In the first three months it has a brain, a heart, and the foundation for all other anatomical systems. It even has eyelids and fingernails.
PA - Let’s say it has features that other humans have. The woman still has her rights.
PL - Let me get this straight. The woman has a right to destroy this human. But this human will never enjoy one right. Even half of these unborn humans are female, so are you for female rights or not?
PA - She is already a woman. Even if you say this thing is a human, it’s so small and can’t function on its own.
PL - A newborn would die in a few days if there wasn’t an adult there to give it nutrition and a proper environment to live - in fact, the same two things that an unborn needs. It would be a crime not to give this baby nourishment, so it’s all about location. Also, does size of a person really matter? You and I are much smaller than NFL linemen. Are they more valuable as humans than we are?
PA - That’s also ridiculous. They are already born. I know you’re going to say that it doesn’t matter where one is located.
PL - Right. We’re agreeing on quite a lot here.
PA- It’s just a religious issue, and that’s up to each person.
PL - I never mentioned any religion. An atheist could actually think that abortion is wrong. Do you think it’s a moral issue - one of definite right and wrong?
PA - There are many shades of gray. The mother may have school, work, or what if she’s really poor?
PL - I know it may be difficult on her, but it doesn’t change the fact that a baby is being killed.
PA - I wish you didn’t say that a baby is being killed.
PL - If I said that the pregnancy was terminated, would that change the result of the death of a human. By the way, that woman would not be allowed to kill her born child if they live in poverty, because -
PA - - because it’s in a different location, and the killing of a child is always wrong, is what you’re going to say.
PL - Yes.  I think we agree on more than we initially thought.
PA - I have to run.  Thanks for the calm discussion.
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Posted by Monte Harms on 02/17 at 02:30 AM
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