Are We Ending Abortion?

Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leader in abortion, recently released their 2011-2012 report. The report shows a record of $542 million in taxpayer funding and an all-time high of 333,964 abortions. Wait; did I just say all-time high? That’s right folks, the abortion rate is sky rocketing and that’s not including all the telemed abortions, abortions caused by the pill, etc. So in reality Planned Parenthood most likely contributed to 500,000 abortions in the past fiscal year. Keep in mind that the current statistic here in the United States is 1.2 million abortions a year. That means Planned Parenthood has performed half of those!

I am sure you all have heard the argument that passing legislation such as a sonogram bill is good because it will save “some” babies and that is better than none. If this argument is valid would the abortion rates not have gone down? Let’s face reality. Incremental legislation does not save lives!

When we pass incremental legislation all it does is force the abortion industry to find more effective and cost efficient ways to perform abortions. Today we have a huge problem with telemed abortions being performed and they have proven hard to regulate. So why did Planned Parenthood begin such? It’s simple really. As a result of legislation such as a 20 week abortion ban Planned Parenthood found a more effective way to perform abortions at a cheaper, more effective, and less messy way to perform.

Finally, let’s keep in mind that all incremental legislation often has a clause that permits abortion in the cases of incest and rape. Are not these children human? Of course they are! Whenever we pass legislation that essentially says, “and then you can kill the baby,” it is not pro-life!

So what is the solution to ending abortion? Sadly, the answer is something that the majority of the pro-life movement rejects. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The pro-life movement has been passing incremental legislation for 40 years and has accomplished little. The abortion rates continue to go up, not down, and abortion is still legal. The only way abortion will end is to stop compromising, and pass a human personhood amendment to the United State Constitution. Please stand with us.

Jake Dagel, who served with us honorably for years held that view, and I understand why people might feel that way. Even I said that all of the pro-life legislation in every state can be wiped out in one night because of a bill passed by Congress. That doesn’t mean incremental legislation can’t succeed in saving many lives. I have learned that everyone has a different calling and most of us, even though we are using different methods, have the same objectives in mind. We want to defend innocent human life from cruelty and death. Do what you are called to do and don’t look back. If you are serving God and defending innocent human life then find people who believe as you do who can help you accomplish your vision.

If you believe you can best serve the preborn by holding abortion signs and educating people on the evils of abortion and human research, do it. If you don’t like that method, do whatever you think is best! I encourage you to do whatever is legal to defend human life. The most important thing is to actually be doing something, even if it’s posting pro-life articles on your Facebook and social media. Everything helps! Donate and volunteer whenever and wherever possible of course.

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