Are you ready to get involved in the Pro-Life movement?

At Pro-Life Unity, we want to help everyone get involved in the Pro-Life movement. We will not only try to figure out what you can do for us, but also for other Pro-Life organizations around the country and around the world. The first thing we offer is a simple sign-up form. Either click on the Volunteer link at the top of or click here.

Do you want to get something going for your state or country?

We are continuing to build the Pro-Life Unity state and country groups.  Leaders will:

> be made admins of their individual Pro-Life Unity states and countries in Facebook
> have the ability to control their state and country links and more
> support other Pro-Life groups where possible

There are many things you can do for and with Pro-Life Unity to help us help the unborn and those who cannot speak for themselves. Here are some of them:


The first thing is decide what kind of skills you have. I’m sure you can do something based on them. For instance, can you write, draw, photograph, video tape or work on web sites? Are you an attorney, tax or otherwise, sign maker or involved in public relations? Everybody can do something and can probably help the movement.

Web site or blog

If you have a web site or blog?  If so, There are many ways you can help promote our efforts. You can:

> put up a link to on your site or in your blog
> refer people to our site and write about our efforts occasionally
> promote and/or participate in the Monthly Call for Life every month on the first Friday. Go to or for more information.
> promote and/or participate in the first Saturday prayer at the abortion mills - also or
> promote and/or participate in the first Friday Pray for Life effort for as long as you like in your or other time zones. - for more information.
> put up an RSS feed to our articles - copy & paste the code from inside the following text box to your site or blog:

It will look like the Pro-Life Action Calls you see at on the left side, except it will automatically adjust colors & fonts to your site!


Or this code:


You can link to our Action Code which shows the most recent 3 Action Calls.  Copy and paste the code below here to your site:

It will look like this:

If you don’t know how to do it, click here to email me and I will help you

Do you have ideas of your own or want to contact us? Than click here and let us know what you are thinking

Thank you for taking the time to think about others in need and how you can help them.

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand - divided they die

Peter Shinn
President - Pro-Life Unity


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