Armchair warriors don’t win battles, they just watch others do the fighting

Pro-Life Unity Can Help You Help The Unborn

There are so many things we all can do for the unborn on a regular basis.  At we help you find what it is you would like to do, and then help you reach out to others in our common goal, to protect the innocent.

We also provide hundreds of in-house videos, including interviews, live and recorded events, original articles, dozens of columnists, including top-notch pro-lifers, like Jill Stanek, syndicating their material through the site!  Our Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List is unmatched and is constantly kept up to date.

First of all, you can go to and click on the volunteer form (top-right).  We will help you get into the action wherever you are and whatever you can do.


I Am 71

Pro-Life Unity has joined with Operation Rescue, the Christian Defense Coalition, Jill Stanek and others to bring you I Am 71 project.  Are you one of the 71% of Americans who is saying no to taxpayer funded abortions?  If so, then go right now and see how easy it is for you to join the many Americans who have uploaded a picture of themselves with the words I Am 71 on a piece of paper.

Organized for Life

Are you ready to take the message of life door-to-door?  If so, than join the many others who are already out there helping people understand what abortion really is.  We will help you with training, provide you with flyers and motivation.  Don’t wait for the MSM to do our job because we already know where they stand…on the other side of the fence.  Go to for more information and to sign up today!

Adopt the Mills

I’m sure many of you folks out there are already participating in the fall 40 Days for Life campaign, and many of you area already out there regularly, before and after 40 Days for Life.  Either way, if you believe we need to get in front of these abortion mills every day and every minute they’re open, then join us at Adopt the Mills.  We are going to help put somebody in front of every abortion mill in the country to pray and sidewalk counsel the women going in until they are all closed!!!  Go to for more information and yes, to sign up right now!

Teen Defenders

Are you a teenager looking for more ways to serve and save the unborn?  If so, go to and ask how you can do more, and let us help you with our resources and connections.

Need more?

Then go to and click on Our Projects.  The only one in there that isn’t ours is Pro-Life Blogs, and the main reason we have it there is to help drive traffic to this great information Pro-life site!  Other than that one, we currently have 8 major projects you can get involved with and do all you can for the unborn.

What else can you see and learn about at  There’s our calendar of events, pro-life plea videos, pastor’s letter videos, testimonies, state groups and so much more!

Get involved.  Armchair warriors don’t win battles, they just watch others do the fighting.

Are you ready?

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand ~  Divided they die

Pass it on!

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