Brownsville Hike for Life

A letter to our friends in the Pro Life Movement, On Saturday, March 24, 2012, we will be sponsoring a Hike for Life at Dean Porter Park in Brownsville, Texas. We are raising money to open a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Brownsville. Our goal is to offer a caring, non-judgmental , loving place where women can go for help during a most trying time. And yes we are a Pro-Life organization. The center will provide a pregnancy test on request to any woman that asks for one. If the woman is pregnant, our counselors will provide our clients with information and assistance that will benefit the mother and baby, whether the mother decides to keep and raise her child or put the child up for adoption. We will never refer anyone to an abortion. The services will be provided to the community free of charge. We have a team of people ready to get to work to save lives and to help our community, Doctors, nurses, and everyday people are ready to help on a volunteer basis . But it takes money, to pay for supplies, pay for renovations to the building we have secured for the center, and of course to pay for the utilities. This is where you come in, you can make a difference in the lives of these women and their unborn child, you can see to it we open our doors and keep them open to be there for them. If you call yourself a person of God, then now is the time to live the faith. Help us help those of whom Lord said “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, And before you were born I consecrated you;” How Can we not serve the consecrated and still call ourselves followers of Christ.
How can I help you ask? there are several ways to help.

1. You can go to and make a donation online.
2. You can register at and sign up to collect donations for H4L
3. You can go to the Hike for Life at Dean Porter Park.

Don’t live near Brownsville or cannot make it that day? That’s okay hold your own personal hike at your convenience and say a few prayers for the unborn.

We thank you in advance for your GENEROUS support

Martin and Angie Leal
Hike for Life Texas -Brownsville
Site Coordinators

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