Call and/or email your representatives today to stop the health care bill!”>Click here to read this article at

It looks like we might win this battle.  Apparentely there aren’t enough Democrats who support the bill as it’s written.  Why?  Because they know this Socialist manifesto is not acceptable to most Americans, including Democrats.  Actually, the “Blue-dog” Dems know which side of the bread is buttered, & they know if they support this government takeover of health care they will be in trouble in their districts.  Good enough for me.

The majority of the Dems are using the health care bill to try and impose national laws for abortion and to finance and protect pro-death corporations like Planned Parenthood.  Click here for all the abortion related add-ons they have added to the bill.  You won’t believe what they are trying to do while we aren’t looking!

So let’s keep the pressure on! Click here to contact your representatives & let them know you oppose the health care bill, and demand they remove abortion related items from the bill!

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