Calls for life & Letters for life

The Monthly Call for Life & Letters for Life act as constant reminders to law makers that “We the People” cherish and respect innocent life. These actions also remind legislators that it is their duty to protect our constitutional right to life, be it born or preborn.  While we would like to outlaw abortion today, we must support all of the pro-life legislation we can until abortion is just a painful memory.

This week two bills in Arkansas (SB840 and SB845) both passed in the House and are aimed at creating more stringent guidelines for abortion clinics. In South Dakota the Governor signed an “Informed Consent Bill” into law and now faces a possible law suit by Planned Parenthood.  All across America the fight for life continues, these are great issues to lengthen you call or letter for life this month.

Don’t forget to contact your Representative April 1st, 2011 during the Monthly Call for Life.

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