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One of the battles raging in the pro-life community is whether or not passing incremental bills is a good thing. I understand both sides of the argument very well.  On one side the community believes that we should do everything we can to minimize abortions. The other side believes that we shouldn’t pursue anything that isn’t pushing for an end to abortion. One of the sayings is “if you can say “and then you can kill the baby” after whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, then it’s a bad law.”  For example, let’s say you’re trying to get an ultrasound bill passed.  The bill would stipulate that woman could not get an abortion until she had an ultrasound.… And then you can kill the baby.

If you think about it, why would you pass a bill that would allow a woman to kill her child after she sees a picture of her?  It just doesn’t make sense, does it?  From the perspective of the pro-lifer who is for incremental legislation, he or she is thinking that since abortion isn’t going to end today, we might as well do something to help women understand what abortion is so that they might change their minds before they have one.  Also, people might think that any kind of delay can be helpful, so that’s why they will push for a waiting period or something else that will allow the mother to change her mind and keep her child.

From the other perspective, a camp that I have been in for a very long time, we say, let’s stop fighting for all of these incremental issues and let’s just demand an end to abortion. After all, that is our goal.  Unfortunately, not everyone wants to pursue that direct goal. As a matter of fact, many people don’t think we can really end abortion in the first place. So we might as well take what we can get when we can get it.

What winds up happening?  We get people in the pro-life movement attacking each other, which only slows us all down, and that is certainly not beneficial to the pre-born.

One of the efforts in Virginia recently has been to try to regulate abortion facilities.  Good people have been trying to pass laws that would require abortion facilities to meet certain architectural and cleanliness standards.  There are more laws required to run a barber shop than there are to run abortion facilities in Virginia. 

In this Washington Post article, there are a couple of common pro-abortion arguments against the regulation of abortion facilities.  One person said “Anti-choice people need to understand: Destroying clinics and criminalizing doctors will not stop abortions.”  My answer to that is, we create laws to stop people from doing bad things.  Rape is a bad thing so we create a law against it.  The law doesn’t stop bad men from raping women, but it certainly minimizes the act and lets society know that the act of rape won’t be tolerated.  What if rape were legal?  What if they provided “safe, hygienic, regulated” rape rooms for rapists?  Sounds insane doesn’t it?  Well, abortion, the intentional killing of babies is legal, and not only do we provide facilities for their killing, we also pay people to do it.

You might say the act of rape can’t be compared to the act of abortion.  I say you can easily compare 2 different methods of violating women’s rights.  One is outside of the womb, one is inside the womb.  The woman inside the womb has a right to live, but you advocate for her death because her life might not be convenient or easy.

Another person writes: “I would have more respect for the pro-life position if they showed as much concern for life beyond the fetus”.  Common fiction put out by pro-abortion people.  Pro-abortion people would never have more respect for pro-life people.  The fact is, pro-life people are the only ones helping the women in need, before, during and after pregnancy.  Pro-abortion people just call for their right to kill their children, never to help them in any real way whatsoever.

An abortion facility is nothing more than a murder center.  Humans are executed without regard for their rights or value to society.  These facilities are dirty, covered in blood and body parts.  There is no clinical care provided to women and when something goes wrong, the facilities try to cover it up, allowing women to die, sometimes bleeding to death or from other reasons after their bodies have been accidentally torn by so-called “doctors”.

There is no reason an abortion facility should have less regulations than a barbershop.  Though I wouldn’t call them a medical “care” facility, they should be regulated as one, so that the women who are duped into killing their children will have a chance to live, and someday, speak to others about how abortion is not an act of kindness, to anyone.

Abortion, the act of a pregnant mother killing her pre-born child, is a bad thing.  The innocent child must be protected from those who wish to do her harm.  A mother wouldn’t dare think of killing her child if it weren’t for pro-abortion people who make it seem as if it is a decent, moral, responsible act.  She wouldn’t think of killing her child if society didn’t condemn or punish her for becoming pregnant, and if the pro-abortion community didn’t encourage her to have an abortion.  I know there are women who are irresponsible and have many children, even when they can’t afford them or take proper care of them.  That is the exception, not the norm.  Children born to an irresponsible woman still have the right to live though!

I believe God has called me to be a part of the ending of abortion around the world. Other people may have a calling to save some people, wherever possible, with whatever laws there are available. That may not be my thing, but I’m certainly not going to condemn them for doing what they believe God has called them to do. Therefore, abortion facility regulations can be a good thing if they are implemented and monitored.

Finally, let me give you my perspective of how I see this whole thing. Some pro-life people will say “What if there’s a building on fire and you can only save some of the people, wouldn’t it be worth it to save whomever you could?”  They might also ask, “What if a ship were sinking, wouldn’t you try to rescue as many people from drowning as possible?”  My answer to those questions is this, I didn’t start the fire and I didn’t sink the ship. The pro-abortion community has created an atmosphere and environment where we are battling each other and a legal system, not for the defense of human life itself.  They light the matches to the buildings and they torpedo the ships.  It’s up to us to be actively engaged in stopping them from whatever immoral acts they want to pursue.

Every intelligent person knows that the act of abortion causes the death of an innocent human being. The pro-abortion community doesn’t argue this point anymore because they know they just look silly when they do. Years ago, they used to say “It’s just a blob of flesh”.  Not anymore. You will notice that their current argument has transitioned to a defense of a woman’s right to have an abortion if she’s been raped or if there are other medical or social circumstances.

Someday soon, we will end abortion. And then it’s time to fight the other battles, like human killing research.  These will be difficult, probably more difficult than abortion. The pre-born have to be defended even if they’re not in a mothers womb yet. We must put a stop to embryonic stem cell research and cloning.

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