Charmaine on CNN Debating Condoms

Warning: The Condom Commercial is for mature audiences.

In the 1990’s CNN had a terrific talking-heads-shouting-show called Crossfire.  Regular hosts included Michael Kinsley, liberal, then moved to Slate.  and Pat Buchanan, conservative, former GOP, now gone from the Republican Club but still Pro-Life.

The show ran five nights a week for 30 minutes.  Hosts earned about $200K and were worth every dime.

Charmaine appeared in a number of segments.  In this episode she debated Kristine Gebbie from the Clinton administration on the marketing and efficacy of condoms.  Charmaine’s points are valid today—truth is, well, timeless. John Sununu is in the conservative chair, on the right, of course. 

Oddly, liberals demand that conservatives use science in any debate—but whenever a conservative uses real science with real data, we are then accused of “imposing our values.”  A liberal pivot.

The actual condom failure rate is some 20 percent.  The cost of failure could be pregnancy. Could be death.

This is described by anti-science liberals as “fear-based” sex ed.

So what will Obama do about abortion and condoms?

Even before Obama gets legislation from congress on abortion, Obama will, by Executive Order, repeal the The Mexico City Policy (1984) which,

Prohibits the use of federal funding for organizations and programs “which perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.”

Media Alert:  Obama may very well use the Clinton’s Dancing Condom Marketing Campaign. For the Domestic and International markets.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. 

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Thank you (foot)notes:
CatholicCitizens writes,

For starters, we may expect removal of the present administration’s ban on destructive embryonic research, and rejection of the Mexico City accords which restrained abortion and eugenics.

Crossfire:  The Condom Campaign first aired on 4 January 1994.

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