I wonder if they worry, as they hurry toward the door
Of what they’ll lose, what’s at stake, of what’s exactly in store
for them and their young lives, of what they’ll have no more.

I’m desperate for some contact, I was them once too
Most won’t stop, uncertain, I’ve talked with just a few
Some come in for guidance, in not knowing what to do.

I call out to one couple, they hesitate, and look
I knew what kind of courage, that really must have took
“Come talk to me”, I beg even as my voice shook.

I want to show both sides of this “choice”
but too, I want to be your baby’s voice.

Because once you’re in, you’re controlled by the best
Manipulation is used, deceit and lies, the rest,
You’ll be coerced and led, until you’re scared sick and stressed.

The “choice” will forever, replace that part of your soul
That dies along with baby, creating an eternal hole
that you will try and fill but that nothing will console.

You’ll say that it won’t matter; that you don’t feel a thing
And you’ll numb yourself with alcohol to deaden the constant sting
and you’ll excuse the rage and sadness and tears that it will bring.

Your confidence will falter; your self-worth will take a dive
You’ll feel no longer valuable, and no longer care to strive
You’ll lose the person who you are and darkness will arrive.

You may have permanent injuries, because of what’s been done
There might be too much damage, this baby, the only one
And your chance of being parents, will be over before it’s begun

You may deny its affect on you; it’s how we all do cope
you’ll slowly lose your mind as you get to the end of your rope
Until that day you realize, you no longer live with hope.

It’s not the easy fix, they won’t tell you once you’re there
It’s painful and it’s permanent and almost too much to bare
Please don’t go through with this, we are here to help.  I swear….....

I watch the couple make their “choice”, she’s only eighteen years old
Their eyes glazed over and frowns appeared, before my story’s told
I pray for the lost baby, as her eyes grow distant and cold
a tear rolls down her face as her future begins to unfold.

Shelley Allsup




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