Our thanks goes to our King Jesus Christ for enabling us to share the Gospel of the Cross and the pro-life message to thousands of younger generation people in colleges. Over 5000 students have been reached out to. Our friend Neal from the U.S.A had a great platform to speak on abortion, informing the younger generation on how to defend the unborn and respect the rights of a baby from the womb.

Great Gospel music from C. Sharp who is a South African staying in GA U.S.A .  Thousands of young people had a lot of questions regards their spiritual and physical life and our Team answered most of them through face to face counseling.  Millions of young generation people in Africa are facing challenges and they are asking themselves where to go to find the answers in the world where parents no longer have time for their children, which has turned out to be a big problem. ALYF has been a source of blessing to them with their outreach programs bringing the message of hope closer.

Dear Partners, thanks very much for your prayers and Financial support.

If you wish to bless our ministry with a donation, you can donate online via and indicate that the donation goes for ALYF.  If you wish to make a Donation by check, please make the check payable to Life Aid Foundation and Mail to: Life Aid Foundation P.O. Box 1886 Bonners Ferry, ID. 83805 U.S.A

Posted by Richard M. Swier on 06/18 at 10:59 PM
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