Cut Spending and Save Lives

In past few weeks we have seen complete chaos in our financial markets, edged along by the nation’s credit down grade. The thing that confuses me is, if we are trillions of dollars in debt where are we getting the money to pay for preborn executions? The credit agency that downgraded our credit indicated that a cut of four trillion would have avoided the downgrade, so cutting the 300 billion we give to Planned Parenthood, could have put us a lot closer to the mark.

The truth is, while we are drowning in debt this administration is determined to spend billions to end the lives of the defenseless human beings. My hope is that we will have true change in the white in the next election. A hope that could mean life for millions of human beings regarded as less than human by the current occupants of the white house.

Take a few moments to take a stand for life and join The Monthly Call for Life/ Letters for life on the first Friday of every month.

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