Dallas Pro-Life Dinner Synopsis

On Saturday, April 10, I attended the annual Dallas Bishops Pro-Life Dinner with my parents.  It was held at the beautiful Hilton Anatole Hotel downtown, and I was honored to be a volunteer at check-in.  I stood behind the tables and kept my ears wide open, listening for the “bidder numbers” to be called so I could grab them for the guests.  It was amazingly wonderful to see over 2,300 people who patiently waited in line, just to attend the auction and dinner.

When most people were signed in, I was released to my own seat at the dinner.  I made it there before the best part started: the honored speakers!  The first person we heard from was Abby Johnson, former director of Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas.  As many of you know, she converted to the pro-life side during 40 Days for Life in the fall of 2009.  And just a week prior to this pro-life dinner, she made a profession of faith and joined the Roman Catholic Church!

One year ago, she was at the Planned Parenthood National Conference, sitting next to Hillary Clinton.  She never imagined that she would be a speaker at a pro-life conference a mere 12 months later.  She worked with Planned Parenthood for eight years and was slated to work at the new mega abortion center in Houston.  But, as she found out, Planned Parenthood is built on lies, and they need the women to believe the lies – that is how they make money.  The baby in the womb can feel the pain of being ripped to shreds during an abortion.  Abby saw with her own eyes a 13-week-old baby trying to escape from the abortionist’s murderous instruments, and that is when she came to accept the truth.

“Now is the time to come together,” she said.  “The Church has the answer to this problem.”  She encouraged us to reach out to minorities, who Planned Parenthood is targeting.  Prayer warriors need to be present on the streets in front of the abortion centers; they were the reason why Abby was able to come to the Truth.  “Christ will win in the end,” she said in closing.

Daniel Cardinal DiNardo, from Galveston-Houston, received the Bishop Grahmann Award for Exemplary Pro-Life Leadership, and he was such an encouraging speaker as well!  He reminded us that “despite the culture of death, the victory has already been won” because of Christ’s Resurrection.  He reminded us that the Gospel of Life isn’t merely a subdivision of the Good News: it IS the Good News!  God has given each of us life and the capacity to love Him with all our being.  He showed His infinite love for us by dying on the cross for every sin, even for the sin of abortion.  The Resurrection gives us hope, and we see that hope manifested in people such as Abby Johnson and those who are converted to the Truth each day.

It is important to believe all these things and feel strongly about the Gospel of Life.  But Cardinal DiNardo urged us to remember that “moral agency is public.”  What this means is showing our beliefs outwardly.  Moral agency is what makes a difference in the world.  We can’t hide our light under a bushel basket: we need to set it on a hill!  Despite what the anti-lifers say, we do have a pro-life majority in the United States, and Jesus is in charge!  He will not let us lose, and we will continue to win in ways both big and small.

The annual Pro-Life Dinner is sponsored and organized by the Catholic Pro-Life Committee, which is an amazing Catholic pro-life organization ministering to the Dallas, Texas area.  For more information, please visit http://www.prolifedallas.org  Below is the video they showed at the dinner:

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