Devaluing The Unborn Baby

If your car starts to break down, do you start it on fire so it will be no use to anybody?

If your house starts to fall in disarray, do you use a bulldozer and totally destroy it?

If your family member is diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, or terminal cancer, do you make the choice of killing them so they won’t have to go through such an ordeal?

If you discover your spouse is having an affair, do you kill him or her, because of how your life will negatively change in the near future?

If your boss embezzles a huge sum from your place of employment that causes your office to close, do you kill the boss, because this will negatively impact your career?

Do you burn down the administration building at your college when they drop your field of study from the curriculum?

If you don’t like your car or house, you can basically put them up for adoption, so to speak, by letting someone else have it. If you have problems with your marriage, work, or school, you find a way to get through the problem without physically harming another. After the initial shock of one of these life-changing events, most will attempt to make the best of an undesirable situation.

But our society allows and often promotes the killing of the unborn baby because, if born, this baby will negatively impact somebody’s lifestyle. When it comes to making the best of an undesirable situation of a pregnancy, 4,000 people in the Unites States decide daily to kill the baby. It doesn’t make any sense unless one puts more value in a car, house, job, or school than they do a fellow human being. This view isn’t solely owned by the pregnant woman. The boyfriend, the woman’s parents, and her friends often have a similar view and pressure the woman to devalue the baby inside her and have an abortion.

In a way, our society is to blame. If most in our country really decided and acted upon the fact that an unborn baby had more value than an inanimate object or undesirable lifestyle change, then there would be such a tremendous outrage about abortion. The value of a fellow human being would then be positioned at its rightful place of on top of the list. The response of putting a life first must be automatic, and one would think it would be. Unfortunately, the pro-abortion faction of our society has won this part of the debate so far. Instead of putting one’s fellow human being first, most have been conditioned to think about the circumstances surrounding the lifestyle change that could occur. The value of this human then drops on the list of important factors involved with the decision to abort. Even when the unborn baby human is considered, it often is followed by “yes, but ...”

The pro-life view needs to be the automatic response when someone is pregnant. No matter what the circumstances, the response should be that we will do whatever we can for this fellow human being to live, period. Once the impact of this lifestyle change has hit, everything should be done to make the best of it, just as if there were any other life-changing event.
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Posted by Monte Harms on 02/24 at 12:37 AM
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