Did Ben Nelson sell America’s future and the fate of the unborn?


Senator Nelson promised Nebraska he wouldn't vote for any bill that had tax increases. Oh yeah, he's a politician. More and more it seems as if they lie for a living. He was also supposedly strongly opposed to pro-abortion language and funding. I guess when the green hit his palm his convictions went away?

I love how MessNBC says that Nelson is a "conservative Democrat". He just voted for a bill that raises taxes, is outright Socialist in its fabric and steals from the average to give to everyone else. What would it take for him to be a liberal?

"It took a lot of work to bring this 60 together and this 60 is delicately balanced," Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn.

Maybe he should have said "It took a lot of America's money to buy these hold-outs".

Michelle Malkin has the whole dirty list compiled here


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