Ending abortion

Over the last week I have watch some disturbing actions by the pro-choice crowd in the virtual world. This week events where organized on social networks to protest defunding Planned Parenthood. One group in particular has reach over 130,000 active users and at least 13,000 of them joined forces in an event to actually call congress and demand support for Planned Parenthood. In a very short time supporters of abortion have united around this issue and have decided to act. This was disturbing not because they have the numbers, facts, truth or justice on there side because they don’t. I was concerned because I haven’t seen this kind of consistent enthusiasm from our side.

Our fight, is a just fight, to defend those who can’t defend themselves. We have truth on our side, ending a human life is murder so abortion is murder. The facts are that an individual human being is created at conception and that’s not just my opinion that’s genetics. So why aren’t we controlling the new media and speaking in the world of the next generation? Why aren’t we melting down the phone lines of Congress and the President demanding an end to abortion?

This last election brought pro-life legislation to the federal level and this is the perfect time for the defenders of life to unite the next generation in the new media. While I agree that ending abortion starts with prayer and local action, final victory comes with dominating the media and being a constant voice in the ear of legislators. This is why we must unite behind actions like the Monthly Call for Life. The reason lobbyist are so effective isn’t because they have a lot of money backing them; it’s because they can use that money to unite people for elections.  We can do the same thing without the money; we can unite people thru social networks and pressure our elected officials to end abortion.

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