Fighting for the right to live

You might not think your right to live is in question, but you’d be wrong. We as human being are always looking for new ways to classify ourselves into groups. This generally works out well for those placed into groups of privilege and worth. The problem is of course not everyone is placed in the privileged group. Those placed in other groups my find life a little difficult; especially when your group is the one, others have the power to eliminate.  Whether its race that causes the separation, wealth or age; the rights of these human being are usually affected. The scary part is the more a society accepts that some groups of people are worthless; it becomes easier for new groups to be added. 
At some point in American history seniors where consider to be the guardians of wisdom. After three decades the pre-born human being considered expendable things look a little disconcerting for seniors as well. The right to life of every human being must be protected equally or the right to live is not protected for anyone.

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