God is Doing Amazing Things in GA!

Dear Pro Life Family,
First of all, I’m going to start calling us “Cherish Life” instead of “Pro Life” in my e-mails, and refer to abortion as “pre-natal murder”; the reason for this is that a big part of changing a culture is through language, and these are terms many in the struggle here in GA are trying to get mainstream to replace the euphemistic “pro life” and “abortion”. 
Secondly, many, many thanks to an extremely generous benefactor who has been working hard to ensure I have a good phone and plan!  Sooo, my phone number has changed again as of today ~ my new cell phone (only phone) number is 678/200-9712.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Now, for tons of great news from the sidewalks - where do I begin??  And how do I keep it short?  :-)  (Updates on our rescued moms are at the bottom.)
~ Last Saturday, at Atlanta Women’s Medical Center on West Wieuca Road:
    One baby was definitely saved and possibly two or more others!  Praise God!!! I was training 4 new people in sidewalk counseling, and one of them gave literature to a young Hispanic man after he dropped off his wife.  The man agreed to park & speak to us, and since he didn’t speak much English, we called Sarah (aka “Sarita”) who was out at Governor’s Ridge in Marietta praying/sidewalk counseling.  Before he talked to Sarah, though, he agreed to go in and get his wife out - they came out smiling big smiles.  After talking to Sarah, the man agreed to let me take his wife to Cobb Pregnancy Services, a crisis pregnancy center in Marietta.  There she received a free pregnancy test (which was positive) and counseling from a Spanish-speaking mentor, who wouldn’t normally have been there, but God arranged it so.  They were so kind, compassionate and eager to welcome her!  She is due to go back on march 3rd for an ultrasound as she is still too early for one now.  She and her husband want to start going to Mass again and the community at St. Thomas in Smyrna are looking forward to welcoming them into the family! 
    A lady who’s a member of Andy Stanley’s North Point Community Church (I’ll leave out her name for privacy’s sake) was jogging in Chastain Park early Sat morning when a couple asked her for directions to the abortion clinic on West Wieuca Road.  This lady was unaware of this mill, and decided to come see it.  Upon seeing the large number of couples going in and out (about 75 that day!) and the 5 of us praying and sidewalk counseling, she felt the Lord moving her heart.  She parked, came and spoke with us, and got my contact info to find out more, feeling the Lord stirring her heart to join us.  We e-mailed back & forth this past week discussing a training time.
  Lisa, a member of Church of the Apostles on Hwy 41 called to set up training for herself and a friend.  She leads a Bible Study at her church, and all 10 in her study are interested in getting trained as well.  She feels that soon she will be able to recruit about 100 from her church and help us set up sidewalk counseling/prayer warrior shifts each day at West Wieuca and Gov Ridge!  Praise God!!  We’ve been praying for this, as the mills are open about 8 hours and it’s very trying to stay more than 2 or 3 hours…but so hard to leave every day with moms still coming in…  Lisa and I scheduled her training for this morning at West Wieuca.
  It turns out that the lady who was jogging in Chastain Park has a daughter who attends the same school as Lisa’s daughter.  Also, Lisa gave her conversion testimony at a church recently, and the Chastain Park lady attended that talk.  The two ladies were exchanging e-mails this past week when the subject of pro-life came up.  Lisa challenged the Chastain Park lady to join her on Friday for training in sidewalk counseling at the abortion mill on West Wieuca.  Our Chastain Park friend was amazed and told Lisa the story of how she’d come out there last Saturday, and that she was trying to arrange training with a lady named Margarita next week.  Lisa was then amazed and e-mailed back that that’s who she’s training with on Friday morning.  Wow!  How God brings us together!!  So….both Lisa and our Chastain Park friend came for training this morning, and like the others on Saturday, they were naturals, filled with the Holy Spirit, and teaching me much!  :-)

A few weeks ago at Governors Ridge in Marietta: there were 12 high school students from Pinecrest and Holy Spirit Prep, along 4-5 members of St. Thomas’ Hispanic community, lining the sidewalk as an army of prayer and holding 5 very large signs.  A couple pulled up in their car and told the group that they had come for an abortion, but when they saw the students and the signs, they just could not go through with the abortion!!  PRAISE GOD!!!  So even if you don’t feel called/ready to do sidewak counseling, please come pray and hold signs - lives will be saved even with just one person doing this!!  :-)

This past week at Governors Ridge :
Two students from Holy Spirit Prep joined us before sunrise one morning - how wonderful it is to have this age group with us!!
A woman parked and came to tell me that when she drives by every day, she thanks God we are there (there are several members of St. Thomas’ Hispanic community who come out every day, one of them for an hour before going to work! They are amazing!!) and that she has been meaning to tell us that.  She shared that she was date-raped a few years back, got pregnant, and everyone told her she should have an abortion.  She refused and has a beautiful daughter today whom she loves dearly.  She said she wishes she could come pray and hold signs with us, but she has to work (single mom).  She prays for the closing of the clinic, etc. every day as she drives by.  I asked if she would tell members of her church about us and invite them to come out one hour a week, which she agreed to do. 
We have been receiving many thumbs up and positive feedback from drivers - much, much more than the occasional not-so-nice hand gestures.  :-)
Now for the best news!  God provided the much-prayed-for opportunity to speak with 4 staff members as they waited to exit the office complex, telling them of God’s love, His desire that they no longer work there, that we’re praying for them, and that we’ll help them find another job, etc.  Today one of the Medical Assistants in those two cars called me to say she was convicted by the words I spoke to them, and she quit her job today!!  She will e-mail her resume to me so I can forward it far & wide with much prayer for her.  She accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior as a child, but said she had forgotten about that.  Now she wants to renew that relationship with Jesus and start going to church.  Her parents are from Peru, so I told her about the Hispanic community at St. Thomas, and when she returns from a trip next week, she wants to go to Mass there.  (She is no denomination now, and her mom is Mormon.)
Please pray for her! 
She said that the 3 other Medical Assistants in the car also want to quit but are afraid to before finding other jobs.  I told her to have them e-mail me their resumes as well.  The economy is bad, but our God is bigger than the economy, and He is calling them to a new life - He will be faithful to provide!  :-)  Please pray for them!
The 4th staffer I got to speak with is from Brazil, was raised Catholic, used to have a Rosary hanging from his mirror - said he used to pray it and go to Mass as a child—(he told me this a year ago, at which time I told him we’d help him—but since then his homosexual friend/partner? has come to work there too, and he became quite full of himself)—- anyway, I spoke to him through the window of the abortionist’s car which he was driving, telling him that we are praying for him, we don’t want him to go to hell, we want him to go to Heaven with us - at these words he stopped laughing, became quite serious and stared like a frightened boy into my eyes - I felt the Lord’s great love and desire to save him as we just remained eye to eye for a few long seconds—I repeated those words, and reminded him that we’ll help him, and that it’s not too late for him to turn to Jesus for forgiveness.  He drove away when the light turned green.  Please pray for him.
I asked the girl who quit today if Chris is thinking of quitting too, and she said no - said he’s working at another abortion mill now too.  He really needs our prayers.  Next opportunity I get I will tell him that Jesus’ love & mercy are greater than Chris’ homosexuality & can deliver him and his partner from that, too.
We found out that a dentist used to have her office in Gov Ridge, but had to move it across the street because her patients were complaining about havingto drive past our signs.  This dentist said that the abortionist, Daniel McBrayer, was her landlord while she was in Gov Ridge, sooo…very good, our presence there is having a negative financial impact on him.  We pray hard daily for his conversion and salvation, and sometimes God has to knock a person to his or knees before they’ll repent.  We’re praying that the business owners in Gov Ridge will petition the County Board to ban abortion mills in Cobb County, which by the way, any Cobb County citizen can do that, and County Boards have the authority to ban abortion mills from their counties.  So please petition your County Board for this, and get your groups to attend the public County Board meetings at which you can verbalize your petition before everyone, giving a voice to the preborn! 
A couple drivers parked and came to tell me how offensive they find the poster of the aborted baby, but this gave me the opportunity to share that we prayed and thought about it much, that our primary goal out there is to save the lives of real babies being taken in there to be killed in that way, and that post-abortive moms have said that if they had seen a poster like that, they would not have gone through with it.  Both people softened at this point.  (Both claimed to be pro-life).  Every day, one small boy and his dad give us copious waves and thumbs up as they drive past and see this sign - many, many others also give the thumbs up.  We do try to turn it if we see a busload of small kids, or see a child in a car.)
Tomorrow a group of Catholic high school students will be joining the members of St. Thomas out there.
Updates on our Rescued Moms:
First of all, praise & thanks to God and many thanks to all of you who prayed for and given donations towards these mom’s needs!!!  They and we have been so uplifted and inspired at seeing how God is working through this grassroots community!!  :-)
A very generous, anonymous donor has sewn crib sheets, receiving blankets, burp cloths and bibs for all these moms, so these items are not needed for our 4 moms & dads.  MANY thanks to this donor for her beautiful works of love!!!  Please see previous e-mail about baby showers for other items still needed for Sylvia (baby shower is 2/21…see below).
A person who wants to remain anonymous has offered to pay the entire $400 for Sulman’s specialist.
Sulman has been told by the specialist that she needs to go to a class where they will tell her what modifications she needs to make to her diet, etc., as the gestational diabetes (240 blood sugar count) can cause big problems with her baby or even death.  Please pray for mom and baby!
This class next Wednesday, Feb. 18th, costs $100.  Thanks to another generous donor in Boston we have that covered for her, too! 
The baby is doing well right now and seems to weigh about 6 lbs.  They still haven’t given her a date for the C-section, but she will definitely need one, as the plancenta hasn’t moved out of the way.  She is now 36 weeks. 
She may need some help with rent and utilities in April depending on how long she is out of work due to the C-section - we’re not sure yet - and we’ll keep you all posted on this.
Thanks to many donors, we were able to pay the power and gas bills in plenty of time.  The Saint Vincent de Paul Society at St. Thomas is paying half of their March rent, and thanks to you all, we’ll be able to pay the other half as well as the new power bill which is already due 2/26.  Just as a reminder, Sandra lives with a friend Patty, whose husband went to Mississippi looking for work.  (Sandra’s boyfriend is currently in jail).  Patty’s husband found work in Mississippi last week, praise God, so we’ll find out soon if he can pay March’s rent balance and utilities - if he can, we will apply any remaining donations to the greatest, most urgent need of our 4 couples, including assistance with formula/diapers if these cannot be obtained timely from the food bank/SVdP pantry and other sources, letting you all know how it is distributed.  Sandra is looking to return to her home country next month with her new baby, Hector, so she may need assistance with plane tickets - we will keep you all posted on all of this.
Her baby shower will be Saturday, February 21st, 5pm.  Husbands and children are also invited.  Please bring a dish to share.  Sylvia is expecting a baby boy on March 8th.  Please e-mail me for location & directions.  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Sylvia’s story - in Sarah’s words:
The day that Sylvia, our African mother, was planning to have an abortion, she arrived all alone in a taxi, about 8 o’clock in the morning.  She hadn’t even told her husband she was pregnant.  She was full of fear for herself, lest she leave her other 3 children orphans, if something should go wrong.  Only one ProLife prayer warrior was standing at the entrance to the office complex where the abortion clinic is hidden.  When Sylvia heard the prayer warrior shout “Don’t do it!” she knew it was Jesus telling her not to kill her child.  She told the taxi driver to turn around, and after she got out, the prayer warrior and she embraced and prayed together.  The prayer warrior took her to a crisis pregnancy center.  Sylvia called her Catholic sister, the only one who knew she was pregnant, and told her she had chosen LIFE.  The sister had been traveling to America to persuade her not to have an abortion.  Surely she was praying many rosaries for this intention.  We also called Fr. Henry Atem from Cameroon, who counseled her over the phone.  Since Sylvia chose LIFE, God has done many miracles in her family.  Her husband has been awarded a full scholarship to study nursing at Georgia State University.  Sylvia’s doctor, when he was told she had decided not to have an abortion, decided to give her prenatal care completely free of charge.  Our God is an awesome God!  Praise His Name! 
Lucy & Caesar (couple rescued at West Wieuca last Saturday):
At this time Caesar has work - a construction project - and we are praying he will continue to find projects.  When there are no construction jobs available, this couple struggles greatly.  They have a beautiful 3-year old daughter.  They have felt God’s love through all those who ministered to them on Saturday and plan to start going to Mass again.  Please pray that they might be led to a renewed deep relationship with our Lord Jesus and His Body of believers, and that all may go well with her pregnancy.  At this time, they are set up with Cobb Pregnancy Services.
Note:  Cobb Pregnancy Services is seeking to expand their Saturday hours to start at 9am instead of 10am, and they need volunteers in order to do this.  We have a desperate need for this as Saturdays are the busiest abortion days at all the mills, with appointments starting around 6am and going until 11, noon or even later.  Please keep all our local crisis pregnancy centers in your prayers - they do a mighty work (many babies saved at these centers) - and consider volunteering in some way at one of them.
We are so grateful for all the suggestions we’ve also received and are looking into all the ways to best serve these moms and dads efficiently, practically, professionally - with the prayer that we are guided in all by the Holy Spirit each day.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Last, but most definitely not least, we are gearing up for the Adopt the Mills campaign!!  More on this to come soon!! 

We will be having our 2nd meeting for all sidewalk counselors & prayer warriors (and anyone interested) on 2/24/2009 - please e-mail me for further details - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Many thanks & God Bless you!
Margarita Szechenyi
PS ~ We are in need of several battery-operated lights with big lenses to set on the sidewalk and light up our large signs in the pre-dawn hours (first appointments are at 6am M-sat at the various mills).  If anyone has such to donate, we would so appreciate this!!

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