How Confused Are Liberals On Abortion?  Check these poll results

Pro-Life Unity asked a simple question, “When does life begin?”  A pro-abortion liberal group saw the poll and referred their readers to our poll.  Over 4200 people answered the poll.  Typically, a poll like this generates only about 200 or so responses in a few days, so the responses are very telling of the mentality of the liberal/pro-abortion community.


When a baby is born - 53.7%

At the moment of conception - 6.6%

At a certain stage in the womb - 28.5%

With God - 0.9%

10.4% - I don’t know

Christians/pro-life people will be the ones who said that life begins with God or at the moment of conception.  Statistically, that’s it.  The rest, approximately 92%, are responses by liberals/pro-aborts!!!

This is an important question for pro-life people to understand.  When we discuss the life issues with them, we have to realize they have a completely different worldview and they don’t believe human life is from God or that it is even valuable unless it is their own life, or relatives of theirs.

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