I’m happy to say I was wrong about Bill O’Reilly

On Thursday, I was watching Bill O’Reilly, while working on some paperwork, and I heard him say:

“I’m personally opposed to abortion because I’m Catholic, but in public policy I’m going to carry out the law of the land, Roe v Wade, and not oppose.”

Shocked, I rewound it to that statement and listened to it over and over.  Then I even turned on closed captioning to make sure I got the words exactly right.  Shocked even more that I heard him right the first time, I wrote and article about this titled ‘Bill O’Reilly said he wouldn’t oppose the killing of Jews if it were the law of the land.’

There was one problem, which I just figured out.  After downloading the audio archive and listening to it a few times, I realize I didn’t connect the dots with what was said right before that statement.  O’Reilly was quoting people like John Kerry, stating what they usually say when they are asked about the topic of abortion.  He wasn’t stating his position.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to learn I made a mistake about him, and I’m glad to print a public apology.  Bill O’Reilly is the most outspoken person on abortion in the public media, so it was extremely disappointing to think that was his actual position.

Bill O’Reilly, I apologize for not understanding that segment correctly and writing that attack piece on you and your position on abortion.  I’m not going to change the rest of the article though.  Unfortunately, you and the pro-life media do nothing publicly to rally Americans to end abortion, you and they only talk about how bad Democrats are for supporting it.

I pray that someday I will have to apologize for calling out our Christian pro-life friends like this, or thank them for encouraging mankind to help end abortion, doing more than just using abortion as a topic on their shows.

Peter Shinn
Pro-Life Unity
United we Stand ~ Divided they Die

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