It’s Time To Take Action!

The mainstream media has had their own agenda concerning abortion and the pro-life perspective. Basically, they have ignored the issue, except when it is pertaining to some new court ruling. Their view is based on many premises they have about abortion and the people who are against it:

1. Abortion is a private matter between the woman and her doctor.
2. It’s a reproductive health issue.
3. Pro-lifers belong to two groups that they do not like: Christians and conservatives.
4. It’s the law, so these two groups should just shut up.
5. If they actually had positive pro-life stories, they would have to answer to their colleagues at cocktail parties. It’s not worth it.

As a result of seeing or reading the media for years, many Americans start believing the media’s perspective and, thus, keep quiet about the issue. Also, their thinking is probably that if they don’t see abortion stories on the news, then the issue must not be that important. Unfortunately, conservative talk radio, magazines, or television generally do not give the topic it’s proper airing either.

It’s time for the pro-lifers in our country to be on offense and control the agenda and premises that go with it. We need to force the media to explain their views by exposing them to the truth about abortion. Now it’s time for the masses to actively support the pro-life position. We need to convince the people who are not passionate about the pro-life movement, but agree with it, that it’s time to take action.

How do we do this? Here’s a few suggestions.
1. Write letters to the newspaper. Contact your local radio and television stations if they have a story where a pro-life viewpoint is missing.
2. Discuss the issue with friends or co-workers. Of course, you might need to ease into the conversation so they won’t get turned off.
3. Ask people who agree with you to spread the message in a like manner.
4. Get involved with any local pro-life group or church organization that is actively spreading the message.
5. Go to or and see how you can help. Also check their calendars for events in your area.
6. Research the many online sites that give you the tools or training to advance the pro-life view to the public.
7. Contact the legislators and government leaders and tell them that now is the time to eliminate abortion in this country. Also, corresponding with them about a certain bill can make a difference.

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Posted by Monte Harms on 06/16 at 11:01 AM
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