Jamie Foxx and American Trash’ol

On American Idol tonight, Jamie Foxx sang his song ‘Blame It On The Alchohol’.  Come on now, can’t you guess that the title of this song should already give you an idea of what is to come?  Let’s pick a few choice words out of this song:

Blame it on the goose, gotcha feeling loose
Blame it on the ‘tron, gotcha panties off
Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-alcohol, blame it on the ah-ah ah-ah ah-al-co-hol

Yep, that’s the very beginning of the song.  How do you stand or sit next to your daughter when they are singing that kind of trash?  How do you do it?


she don’t wanna seem like she’s easy - I ain’t saying what you wanna do, but you know we probly gon’ do what you been feenin deep in si-ah-ah-ide, girl let it out now


Ohhh see, she spilled some drink on me
And now i’m knowin she tipsy, she put her body on me and she keeps staring me right in my eyes
No tellin what i’m gon’ do, (gon’ do gon’ do)
Baby i would rather show you (show you show you)
What you been missin in your li-ah-ah-ife when i get insi-ah-ah-de

What more is there to this song?

Now she got her hand on my legs, got my seats all wet in my ride (all wet in my ride)
All over my ride (all over my ride)
She look me dead in the eye, eye eye
Then my pants got bigga, she already knew what to figga
Had her lookin at her boyfriend like “f**k dat nigga”

Think about this, over 45 million people, men, women and children watch American Idol. That’s about 1/7th of the population of this country.  So why do they “idolize” people who sing who sing trash songs like that?  Why are singers like Jamie Foxx invited to sing the trash in front of their children?

It’s unbelievable we can get kicked off of Facebook for talking about abortion/prenatal murder, the intentional killing of human beings, while the liberals shove their pro-death, pro-sex, anti-Christ views in the faces of us and our children, and WE CLAP FOR THEM!!!

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