Lamestream media continues attacking Palin & McCain

What's wrong with this picture?


Do you really think the Associated Press (AP) isn't capable of taking a more flattering photograph? Out of the hundreds they shot, this is the one they thought they should present to America? If you contracted the AP & they gave you that photograph to post, would you willingly pay them & say "job well done"? And what about AOL? Why would AOL use this photograph in a hit piece against her?

I pray that Americans wake up to the fact that the media is pro-Obama & will do anything to get him elected. They have ignored all the damaging stories about him, and have relentlessly targeted McCain & Palin for weeks. A recent examination of comedians showed that they were attacking the Republicans over the Democrats 7 - 1.

The American mainstream media is a traitorous bunch to America and to Americans. They have no dignity, no values, and only seek to destroy all those who oppose them. Don't believe me? Ask Joe the plumber. The media has been attacking him daily, and all he did was ask Obama a real question, not the puff pieces he got through all the debates.

America, a vote for Obama is a vote for death. The crys of the unborn will be amplified beyond imagination if he gets elected. We can do two important things.

1) Don't vote for that man
2) Contact your representatives and tell them that you won't support Obama.

Go to We have all the info you need.

United we stand - Divided they die - Pass it on

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