Liberal “Minority” Federal Judge Orders 6 Votes Allowed To Elect Minorities

Six votes?  What happened to one man, one vote?

Federal Judge Stephen Robinson approved a system called cumulative voting, which will allow each person in a N.Y. city to vote 6 times instead of one, guaranteeing the election of a Latino representative.

Are we surprised?  We shouldn’t be.  We have allowed liberals to overrun this country with their insanity.  I often refer to liberals as children who have gained power because people believe that because they are older, they must be grown up. 


Because of liberals / Democrats, abortion, the largest killer of humanity since the dawn of man, has claimed the lives of over 52 million people in America alone in the last 37 years.  Cloning is legal and federally (your money) funded, euthanasia kills millions under the name of “compassion”, our children are brainwashed by the liberal, socialist schools, embryonic stem cell research is legal and federally (your money) funded and Planned Parenthood is funded by your money to the tune of over $350 MILLION dollars every single year.

Now they are talking about how to control our thermostats to make sure our house are set at approved temperatures, they are working on telling us what food we can and cannot eat and they are working on allowable levels of fat in our bodies.

America USED to be the land of the free, home of the brave.  That is gone, long gone.  The question is, will Americans stand up, not only for those who cannot speak for themselves, but even for themselves!

We are pitiful if we do not speak out against the intentional killing of innocent babies in the womb, we are more pitiful if we just sit there & allow ourselves to be turned into government slaves without putting up a fight.

Pro-Life Unity

United we stand ~ Divided they (and now we) die

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