Listen to AUL’s Charmaine on NPR on the Sotomayor Nomination

Alert Readers following on Twitter know that Charmaine was interviewed on NPR yesterday.  Did Nina Totenberg actually say “Pro-Life” and not “Anti-Abortion”?

Maybe the media is a-moving? Becoming, gasp, fair and balanced…?

Not likely.  Michael Medved author of Hollywood vs America reminds us that journalists in the Main Stream Media began their descent into bias when they turned into Truth Tellers rather than Reporters of Fact.

The truth is, of course, what the liberals think it is. And liberals are usually wrong. 

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Listen to the interview here on Obama’s Supreme Court Nomination, Sotomayor. 

So why do Hollywood and the newspapers—going broke—continue to produce product against American values (including that business drive to make a profit)?  Read Making Money vs Making a Movie.

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