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When one observes the tragedies that often frequent our world’s most populated areas, such as the horrible earthquake in Japan and the subsequent tsunami, one has the remarkable opportunity to also witness immense acts of kindness and generosity. When these events occurred, the world witnessed the best of humanity, we saw an over whelming assembly of an outpour of emotion coupled with prosocial action. In a world of such profound suffering, one does not have to search long to find those in need; it seems however that the search for those willing to act might be an even shorter task.
At this point, one must ask one self, what then, is the barrier to gaining such momentum in the Prolife movement? Why haven’t at least one fraction of the Prolife advocates been able to kick-start or even slightly generate this amount of emotion and proactive care in the face of millions losing their lives to abortion.  It seems that as a whole we are in fact able to connect with other human beings regardless of differences. So why the disconnect when in regards to the youngest of us?
I believe this problem of detachment is most evident during the stage of development known as zygote. What is a zygote? The fusion of two haploid cells is known as a zygote or what some just refer to as a fertilized egg. Using the term fertilized egg gives one the impression that this entity is somehow still just an egg with special qualities.  However, nothing can be further from the truth, the zygote is a complete being and if its parents are human than it is human. This misunderstanding is just one of the reasons many question the point at which one becomes a person. It also explains why many think of this human being is though it was a simple extension of the mother, or in other words, the property of the mother. It’s easy to see that many treat the developing human as something foreign like a blob of tissue to prevent an emotional attachment.
There are some simple solutions to this problem; education, networking and unity are a few simple solutions. As we share the knowledge of human development it will become easier to personalize each child and thus each abortion. 

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