Maryland Pro-Life Group Upset County Gives 25K for Research Destroying Life

Annapolis, MD (—Maryland Right to Life officials are unhappy with the Frederick County Commissioners and their recent decision to give $25,000 to a company that destroys unborn human life in research. MDRTL says Life Technologies, Inc is a poor choice to receive the grant from the county.

Life Technologies, Inc has a history of embryonic experimentation that has come to light, the pro-life group told on Tuesday.

Noting the debate over the grant and the proper role of Frederick County Government in that process, MDRTL acknowledged that Life Technologies could use the grant from Frederick County for another job at a time when the economy is depressed.

However, MDRTL is concerned about Life Technologies’ investment in controversial experiments that involve the destruction of human embryos.

“The term embryonic stem cell research has been greatly politicized, but it involves this process: the creation of a human embryo—often by cloning—followed by the destruction of that embryo to obtain stem cells, which are then reproduced to create a stem cell line,” says Angela Martin, the director of the group. “Few politicians are willing to admit the reality of this process.”

Martin mailed a letter to members of the county commission on June 15.

“We at Maryland Right to Life and our members and supporters in Frederick County and throughout Maryland abhor the degradation and destruction of innocent human life inherent in embryonic stem cell research,” it said. “Although the $25,000 grant to Life Technologies, Inc. is designated toward building expansion, it also serves as an endorsement of embryonic destructive experimentation performed within its walls.”

She said her group is calling on the country commission to reverse the grant.

The letter also noted that embryonic stem cell research has yielded no cures or treatments for patients despite years of such research taking place.

On the other hand, adult stem cell research, which does not harm or destroy any human life, has resulted in successful cures and clinical treatments for at least 100 disease or medical conditions, Martin said.

- Steven Ertelt

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