Monthly Call for Life

Today marks the Monthly Call for Life, just one week before the senate votes on a bill containing the Pence Amendment; and amendment to defund Planned Parenthood. Over the last couple of weeks we have seen Planned Parenthood marshal its forces with protests, calls to congress and even commercials! If there was ever a time to call your representatives, it is now; as they are facing a large amount of resistance from the pro-choice crowed.

In the past, Americans have overwhelmed the congressional switch board with calls sharing their opinion before some important vote. These types of actions force members of congress to pay attention to the reason for the calls. With thousands of human beings loosing their lives everyday the issue causing a switchboard shut down should be the pro-life issue.  A growing number of calls each month for the monthly call for life can make a difference. If you forget to call during the Monthly Call for Life don’t wait until the next month, just call.

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