Most important North Dakota pro-life bill in 2009!

The “personhood” bill,” HB 1572, passed the North Dakota House 51–41, and has gone to the Senate, where the vote will be close. The bill defines all human beings, even pre-born, as legal persons with protection under the law.  The bill could challenge the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade, which said if the fetus is ever determined to be a person, the arguments for Roe v. Wade would collapse. The bill’s second section will allow pro bono appointed lawyers to argue this case on behalf of the state (for free). Senators Byron Dorgan, John McCain and Harry Reid all voted for personhood legislation!

HB 1572 will be heading to the Judiciary Committee approximately March 16.

Call or email members of the committee now, especially Chairman David Nething, urging them to vote DO PASS in committee.  Here are the members of that committee.

These phone numbers are their home phone numbers to call on weekends.

During the week, call the Legislative Switchboard 1-888-ND-LEGIS (635-3447).

      Dave Nething – Chairman       .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)          701-252-3353

      Curtis Olafson - Vice Chairman   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)          701-993-8240

      Tom Fiebiger                     .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)        701-280-7035

      Stanley W. Lyson                 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)            701-572-7025

      Carolyn Nelson                   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)          701-235-5161

      Mac Schneider                   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)    701-610-6092

The vote on the bill will probably come later in the week of March 16. Get at least five people to call or email their senators and ask them to get at least five others to do the same and keep this chain growing.

Script for calling friends, relatives, and fellow church members:

Hi, this is (______), and I’m calling to let you know about HB 1572, the personhood bill. The bill will restore human rights to all persons including pre-born babies. It passed in the North Dakota House, and the state Senate will vote on it soon, but the vote will be close.

Our state senators need to hear from you and hundreds of people in the next two weeks. Please email or call your senator and ask him or her to vote yes on HB 1572. Also please spread the word to family, friends or neighbors, asking them to email or call. We need to flood the switchboard in Bismarck with emails and calls. The Legislative switchboard number is 1-888-635-3447, and the receptionists will tell you who your Senator is if you don’t know.

Link to the district locator:

Link to the list of senators and representatives by district:

Script for calling senators: (See links to districts and senators above.)
Hello this is ________, and I am calling today to ask you to vote yes on HB 1572. This bill will restore human rights to all persons, including pre-born babies. Thank you.
Click here to download the postcard with information on HB 1572. Please make copies, front to back, and hand them out to family and friends as well to people at church gatherings such as Catholic Daughters, Knights of Columbus, Bible studies and other events.

For more about nationwide Personhood efforts go to

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