Netherlands Pro Abortionists Want to Kill Pro Life Catholic Journalist

Netherlands Pro Abortionists Want to Kill Pro Life Catholic Journalist
juda myers 11.17.2010

What if a person disagrees with your views? Is that reason for a civilized person to threaten you with death or torture? Well in The Netherlands it seems that is the way to handle disagreements.

Pro life journalist, Mariska Orbán de Haas, received hundreds of death threats and more than ten threats of torture. This followed her publication of an open letter written to a pro-abortion parliamentarian asking her to reconsider her position on the subject. Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, reported on this at

Catholic bishop Everard de Jong sent a letter and fetal models to Representative Jeannine Hennis-Plasschaert plus other members of parliament asking them, with the impending budget cuts, to stop funding “bloody abortion clinics”. Seems they would rather kill babies than put the money in a better place. The mostly liberal parliament stated that the bishop was “disgusting”. So Ms. Orbán de Haas echoed the Bishop with her own public letter to Henis-Plasschaert stating, “is it not ‘disgusting’ that our society permits us to abort more than thirty thousand babies in the Netherlands every year?”

The pro death people of The Netherlands are certainly true to their beliefs. They believe getting rid of an inconvenient child is acceptable and thus threatening to get rid of an inconvenient journalist is acceptable as well.

Sadly Ms. Orbán de Haas felt it necessary to apologize. The ones threatening her should be the ones to apologize. But they think nothing is wrong in their actions against Ms. Orbán de Haas or the unborn.

It seems the business of abortion is so lucrative that people are willing to exterminate their competition. How’s that for liberal tolerance?

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