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What does one do when there are several hours to kill on a flight? Recently I read two excellent books that cover the abortion debate and our society in general.

The first is The Case For Life, Equipping Christians to Engage the Culture, by Scott Klusendorf. He goes into detail about defending the pro-life view, and it’s an excellent refresher course if you already know the techniques. He also delves into the relationship of the church, Christians, and the pro-life issue. Scott Klusendorf relays many of his personal experiences of defending the pro-life position and then gives review questions after each chapter.

Another excellent book is the best seller Liberty And Tyranny, A Conservative Manifesto, by Mark R. Levin. I’ve never read a clearer contrast between Conservatives and Liberals, which Levin’s classifies as Statists. This book is extremely relevant to what is occurring today with the Obama administration. Most of what the Statist believes is exactly what Obama is doing now, or it’s very apparent he will do in the future.  He examines several general issues and contrasts how Conservatives and Statists disagree on most key points. Levin then spells out what Conservatives need to do to change the situation in many different areas of our society. Levin interjects throughout the book writings from our founders or excerpts from documents such as The Declaration Of Independence.Throughout the book is the theme that we need to return to what the founders envisioned America to be.

There’s another publication that is worth reading and to use as a reference. The small but useful handbook, Sharing the Pro-Life Message, by the Pro-Life Action League, is an excellent guide for defending the pro-life position. It also contains a section on the law and the pro-life issue and many facts about Planned Parenthood. Go to the website for a free copy, or you can purchase several copies of this 96-page publication at a very reasonable rate.
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Posted by Monte Harms on 05/26 at 02:50 PM
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