New Stanek column, “Republican pro-life paradigm shift”

Yes, the Republican Party is the pro-life party. But the abortion issue often seems like its red-headed stepchild.

For example, the 1994 House GOP Contract with America, which provided a Republican roadmap out of that decade's liberal abyss, completely omitted any mention of abortion....

This week I'm happy to report the 2010 House GOP Contract with America is now anticipated to address the abortion issue....

I also wrote last week the pro-life political projectile right now is the tea party. Some disagree, complaining tea partiers don't necessarily want to spotlight our issue either, because it's "too divisive."

But pay attention to the sterling pro-life candidates the tea party is giving us. As John Avlon wrote at The Daily Beast Sept. 20:
But the soothing big-tent implications offered by those who say the GOP should de-emphasize social issues only seem to go one way. There is no concurrent sense of tolerance for candidates with liberal or libertarian social positions. Where are the tea party candidates who are pro-choice?

MSNBC liberal host Rachel Maddow incredulously pointed out last week that five GOP tea party-backed U.S. Senate candidates are pro-life with no exceptions: Sharron Angle of Nevada, Ken Buck of Colorado, Joe Miller of Alaska, Christine O'Donnell of Delaware and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

This is huge.... Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards understands, hence her frantic email alert Monday calling this development, "not just crazy – truly frightening."...

And, of course, there is the superfluity of pro-life female candidates, causing many to proclaim this "The Year of the Pro-Life Woman."...

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