New Stanek WND column, “Abortionists’ dirty e-mails”


The pro-abortion medical establishment in Madison, WI, encountered a problem last summer.

Their community's late-late-term abortionist, Dennis Christensen, announced he was retiring at year's end, and Planned Parenthood of WI would be taking over his mill.

In reality, according to e-mails obtained... Christensen wasn't retiring at all.

Christensen had some sort of contract to abort with PPWI, which shared space with him. The two simply hit a dead end resolving "issues and negotiations," according to an e-mail written by PPWI associate medical director Dr. Caryn Dutton to Dr. Laurel Rice, chair of ob/gyn at the University of WI medical school.

It appears Christensen wanted more money. Pro-lifers have spotted him entering abortion mills in Rockford, IL, and Milwaukee since "retiring."

But sans an association with late-late-term abortion aficionado Christensen, PPWI in Madison couldn't commit abortions past 18 weeks. And with Dutton solo at the helm, an extension to 24 weeks wasn't going to happen.

Why was Dutton e-mailing Rice? She was making a pitch for UW Madison Hospital and its affiliate Meriter Hospital to launch their own late-late-term abortion practice, with her as the lead teaching abortionist.

Bearing this in mind, Dutton's explanation to Rice as to why PPWI Madison couldn't expand services was remarkable....

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Also read an op ed in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Barbara Lyons, executive director of WI Right to Life. It dovetails with my column nicely, even pulling many of the same email quotes as I did, although Barb and I have never spoken with one another about the UW situation.

And an interesting aside: While researching this story I found that Teri Huyck of PP Chicago infamy is now the CEO of PPWI. She must have been promoted for her help with the Aurora scam, her prowess needed elsewhere.
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