Planned Parenthood takes top honors among legal mass murderers!

After reading a few articles on the latest released numbers from Planned Parenthood; it became apparent that some changes in the list of legal Mass Murderers need to be made. When I say legal I mean these murders where done in accordance with the laws of the executioners.  It should also be noted that for some, those on this list have done a lot of good things as well.

1. Number one on the list of course is Mao Zedong he lead the communist China from 1935 to 1976. Mao is responsible for the deaths of over seventy million human beings.

2. Second on the list… you guessed! It’s Adolf Hitler, the socialist leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler is known for the genocide of six million Jews; however, in total Hitler is responsible for the termination of over forty three million human beings.

3. Third on the list is the communist leader of the USSR from 1934-1939, Joseph Stalin. Stalin is responsible for the deaths of twenty million human beings.

4. Fourth on the list is Hideki ToJo a Japanese leader from 1941 to 1944 he is responsible for the deaths of at least eight million human beings.

5. Fifth on the list to round out the top five lawful mass murderers Planned Parenthood. Founded in 1921 as the American Birth Control League by Margaret Sanger the name was changed in 1942 to Planned Parenthood. Based on their records by 2009 Planned Parenthood had ended the lives of over five million human beings. With the help of taxpayer funds, Planned Parenthood is on track to murder an additional nine hundred thousand human beings by 2012. With our tax dollars supporting it, Planned Parenthood could someday become the number one mass murder of all time.

We can stop this madness! Join the Monthly Call for Life and let your Representatives know you don’t want your tax dollars going toward the mass murder of human beings.

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